Can I get a custom boot?
Not at this time. HELM designs and releases two collections each year in limited numbers. We also produce our Signature styles several times a year. 

I have a wide foot and wear a size 10.5 in running shoes? How do HELM boots compare? 
Our boots fit true to size. This means that if your foot is measured to be a size 9 you will wear a size 9 in HELM. It isn’t the size that you typically are but the size that you truly are. You can get your foot measured at any department store to find out what size your foot is if you are unsure. HELM boots are made in Men’s size 7-13. While we hope to one day expand our width offerings, our boots currently only come in D width.

Why don't you make Women's Boots?
As of Fall 2014, we offer two styles in Women's sizes. In the future we plan to offer more styles in Women's sizes, but it will require a good deal of engineering with our factory so it may be some time before we get there. In the meantime, we do size down to a Men’s 7 in all styles, which is a Women’s 8.5. 

Didn’t you used to make your boots in Turkey?

Yes, we did. From 2009-mid 2012 all of our boots were handmade in Istanbul by expert shoemakers. Midway through the year in 2012 we decided to start exploring US factories when we saw that it could be a possibility to still make footwear in this country. Currently our boots are all handcrafted in Maine at one of the only remaining shoe factories in America. While our boots from Turkey were beautiful in their own right, they were designed to be worn carefully whereas our US boots are rugged works of art, designed to be worn a bit harder and will last as long as you do with the proper maintenance.

How do I maintain these rugged works of art?
Please see our Boot Care section on the website under the Customer Service menu or click here: Boot Care to learn how to make your boots last as long as possible.

I work in a wood shop/welding shop/machine shop/the forest. Can I wear these to work?
These boots take their good looks from classic work boots but they are constructed to be worn as more of a fashion statement. That isn’t to say that you can’t perform burly tasks in them but they do not have things like steel toes or OSHA ratings in order to be used as actual work boots. HELM staff have worn theirs to chop wood, fix automobiles and ride motorcycles.

I live in Sweden. Can you ship your boots to me?
We will ship internationally quickly and expensively via UPS and slowly and less expensively via USPS. We ship all international orders once a week, on Wednesdays. This means if you place an order on Thursday, we won't ship until the following Wednesday. Once shipped you should receive your order in 6-10 days. You are responsible for all duties and import taxes. 

Can you estimate shipping for me?
Domestic Ground Shipping via UPS is free on all orders over $50.00.  For expedited and international orders, you can use this link from UPS and see approximately how much it will cost to ship to your location. The shipping weight is 5 pounds.

When do you process my order? 
In most cases we ship the day of purchase. If you place your order after 2pm or on the weekend, your order will ship the next business day. 

Can HELM be resoled?
Yes. We currently can resole our styles that have been produced in the U.S.A. You may take them to your favorite shoe repair guru or you can contact us at Please see this page for details on our resoling process. 

I read that HELM constructs boots with both Blake Rapid Stitched and Goodyear Welt. What does that mean? 
Blake Rapid stitch or what we call a Blake Welt Stitch means we stitch the midsole through the innersole, then use a rapid machine to stitch an outsole to the midsole on the outside edge. The same machine and similar process is used when constructing with  Goodyear Welt, which requires the addition of a welt to apply the boot upper to the sole.  These both can be easily resoled by us and both are water resistant. Water might get in if you submerged your foot, however it will not get in just by walking in the rain or through puddles.

I've owned a pair of HELM for 2 years and I have an issue with them. What do I do?
Boots are made to be worn and with that wear there are some expected repairs. No product lasts forever, no matter how durable. When small issues related to wear occur, we recommend taking your HELM to a trusted shoe repair guru who can aid you. If an issue - big or small -  occurs within the first two months of ownership, please contact us at and let us know so we can assess whether it is a wear-related issue or a quality control issue. We will need you to tell us the date of purchase and attach a picture of the issue. We stand by our product and will help you on a case-by-case basis.

I have a pair of boots with a waxed canvas panel that has begun to show some marks on it. What do I do?
This is a characteristic of wear and most people think it adds character. If it is something that displeases you, you may try rubbing the canvas area with some Otter Wax to darken the entire panel.