Behind the Design: The Emmett

Behind the Design: The Emmett

HELM by HILOS grew out of a shared commitment to the way things get made. HILOS designs with circularity in mind, building technology for the future of footwear. Every pair of HELM is designed for comfort, longevity and timeless appeal. Together, we believe leaving a lighter footprint makes a major impact. Our first collaboration, The Emmett, is a sustainably 3D crafted premium leather slip-on designed to transition effortlessly for life on the go.

The Emmett


The Emmett is 3-D printed in flexible, responsive TPU and handcrafted with our signature HELM supple, durable leather. The construction and materials are specially selected with the intent of recycling every component for a second life. Versatile for neighborhood outings and comfortable for WFH meetings, every pair is 3-D printed to order and made to be unmade. 

Behind the Construction

The construction process starts with a digital model formed directly from the last design. HILOS 3D printer is first loaded with TPU, which is sintered together by lasers, layer by layer, until the soles are formed. 18 hours later, the soles are taken out, de-powdered, and cleaned off. The soles then go through a process called vapor smoothing, where the TPU is smoothed, shined and passed off to the maker. 



While Emmett is digitally native, every pair is handcrafted and made only after a customer orders. Our premium HELM leather, sustainably sourced from Texas hides and tanned in Brazil, is cut by hand and meticulously marked to match with the sole for the perfect fit. The sock liner and upper are then sewn onto the sole with an ultra durable, heavyweight thread you can count on. The last is then fit into the shoe to shape the upper and condition the leather. The entire shoe then goes through a heating and cooling process to keep its shape for years to come. 

Engineered for Comfort

Step-in comfort is always at the forefront of how we design and build a pair of HELM. HILOS unique 3-D printing technology allows us the opportunity to innovate for premium comfort, made to order. The Emmett features a unique insole, midsole and outsole designed as a single unit. The lattice-like digital mesh insole is optimized per size and designed to support the foot arch while simultaneously cushioning the ball and heel. Beneath this cushy layer is an updated version of a midsole, engineered to flex and adapt effortlessly to the unique shape of your foot. The design offers improved comfort by strategically hollowing out the shoe for a light and flexible feel that maintains our signature durability. Lastly, the outsole houses a tread pattern that keeps you feeling secure and grounded with each step. 

Designed for comfort

Designed for Disassembly

Circular design and construction is an integral part of sustainable sourcing and sustainably designed footwear. From hand selecting only the best materials for longevity and durability to working exclusively with small teams we personally know and trust, blending timeless craftsmanship with lasting aesthetic appeal has always been the hallmark of any HELM product. Our HILOS collaboration takes our commitment one step further. Designed for disassembly, The Emmett marries our standard for premium materials with 3-D printing technology. Every piece of The Emmett is designed with the intention of creating a seamless end of life. By inviting designs into our HELM lineup that are made to be unmade, we are excited to participate in a footwear model that reduces waste and lowers the environmental impact while encouraging mindful, ethical manufacturing. 

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