David Wells Tests Out The Johnson

David Wells Tests Out The Johnson

We’ve been known to rely on the generosity of local friends when wear-testing a new style in the HELM lineup. For the launch of our Johnson boot, we reached out to longtime brand loyalist, David Wells, to put the highest profile in our collection through its paces...on a bike. Lasted with a round-toe profile, featuring a 9-eye design and lightweight rubber sole, this tall and rugged road companion was made to be worn tough. David took it out for a ride, and we like to think it over delivered. We’ll let him tell you from here... 



I spend a lot of time running from place to place. I’ve been needing a boot that can do it all. My new pair of HELM Johnsons are the best all-around boots I’ve owned.

I own several boots and like to switch up my HELM styles depending on the occasion. My Muller boots are great for dressing up in nicer settings. My Lous are versatile for working outside or walking around town. 



The Johnson picks up where my other boots leave off. The black outsole elevates the look. These boots truly transition from day to night. The style wears just as well working outside as riding my motorcycle to a night out. 

The tall profile is great for ankle support and really helps when I’m on the bike. The quality of the leather is second to none and holds up well against the wear and tear of my shifter. When I put my foot down at stop lights, the ridged Stavos outsole offers anti-slip grip on the road.



It took me about a week or so to fully break-in the leather (it’s thick and high integrity.) After the first week of wear, the boot is beyond comfortable. I’ve taken to wearing them on set all day while filming. Comfortable shoes are a must, and I like to keep stylish and looking sharp on jobs. The Johnson fits the bill perfectly. 


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