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HELM vs. Ferrari

Ferrari is moving into fashion, and what better way to do so than to start with a fashion show in their hometown of Maranello, Italy. The collection, which featured 52 looks mostly classified as unisex, was designed by Rocco Iannone. The brand’s vision is to expand into the three F’s of Italian culture: Food, Fashion, and Furniture. Ferrari, hoping to be the fourth F, is making these efforts to grow their fanbase and to spread Italian culture around the world. 

So, what do HELM boots and Ferrari have in common? Durability, strong leather, comfort, and culture. Ferrari explains that this diversification is simply a “new embodiment of the Ferrari aesthetic,” a reinterpretation of the lines and colors of a Ferrari car. The Netflix hit show, F1: Born to Drive showed us just how important the construction of each car is in Formula One racing. A major aspect of a successful race car is the durability of the tires. The goal is to be able to drive on the same tires for as long as possible while still getting good traction and speed, rain or shine. When a racer does have to make a pitstop, it should be quick and painless. Here at HELM we craft our soles with the same durability in mind. 
The Mini-Lug rubber sole, featured on the Hollis boot, is a perfect combination of traction, durability, and style. The boots’ time tested construction includes water resistance and a full leather stacked heel for extra durability and comfort. Our signature white midsole gives the Hollis even more support, making it the perfect pair of men’s leather boots. Once you do need to come in for a pitstop, our resole program ensures that you can keep wearing your favorite boots for years. NuShoe, our trusted footwear refurbishment partners, will resole any pair of HELM boots and make them look brand new. 

Just like the interior of a Ferrari car and most of the breakout collection, our boots are handcrafted with premium leather. Our newest shoe, the Wilson, is a reimagined classic loafer. Made with beautiful Teak Balthazar leather, these shoes are built to last. The Wilson’s hand sewn details make it easy to dress up or down, but no matter how you wear them you can always count on their comfort and durability from season to season. 

As Ferrari aims to spread Italian culture worldwide, HELM is reinventing the American work boot. Our styles stay true to the classic men’s leather work boot, but with some added versatility. The Pablo is actually a blend of the two cultures, combining a modernized American boot and an Italian moto zipper boot. Its timeless, simplistic design makes it one of the most versatile styles. The Pablo looks good with jeans or dress pants, and is a go to boot for summer, spring, winter, and fall.