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A HELM Boots Roundup of Low Inventory After Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Looking for availability? These styles are in stock.

Post-Black Friday / Cyber Monday Inventory by Category:

Footwear: The Charlie (Chocolate, Tan, and Wheat), The Declan (all styles), The Hollis Teak, The Hynes (all styles), The Jakob Brown, The Knox (all styles), The Lou (Dark Natural in EE, Teak, and Tobacco), The Pablo (all styles), The Whalen (all styles), The Wilson (all styles), The Xander (Brown, Navy, and Wheat), and The Zind (Burgundy and Olive)

Boot Care: Cream Polish by Pure Polish (only green left!), Otter Wax Leather Sealant, Shoe Trees (S, M, and L sizes)

inventory updates to help you navigate holiday shopping

Our biggest sale of the year is over, and we're monitoring inventory levels to help you shop smarter after Black Friday and into the surrounding shopping season. This update is current as of Wednesday, November 30. As a caveat, Black Friday and the surrounding time is a busy shopping season, and so the inventory cataloged here is not guaranteed to be available even though it was featured at the time of the last update. If you see something, don't wait!

Footwear, supply, and boot care

Post-Black Friday / Cyber Monday Styles Running Low

There are a number of styles that we don't plan on bringing back next year. In these categories, what you see is the final availability:

We have very limited quantities in the above styles after Black Friday, and much of it was snatched up on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

We also have limited availability in two of our most popular runs, The Wilson Burgundy and The Zind Burgundy. We are exploring another run in each, but that likely won't arrive until March 2023, at the earliest. The Zind in other colorways has good inventory, but The Wilson has extremely limited availability in each of the other colorways. Please note: The Wilson sizes run large. We recommend at least a half-size down from your usual sizing. If you're buying as a gift during Black Friday or the holiday shopping season, our return policy is extended through early February on these purchases, but we cannot guarantee inventory availability if you're looking to exchange for a different size or style.

Post-Black Friday Boot Care Running Low

We have a variety of different leather care items. Pure Polish Products are some of our favorite. We received a fresh shipment of non-pigmented clear polish shortly after Black Friday. We are out of all pigmented polish except for green! We expect more inventory early next year.

We are out of our most popular boot care item!

Blackrock Leather 'n Rich is our best seller, and we sold out of it during our Black Friday sale. We have more ordered and expected in soon. We also have many Otter Wax products still in stock, except leather sealant. We typically see sealant and our shoe trees go faster during fall and winter, because of their ability to protect from—or eliminate— moisture. We are out of shoe trees except for good inventory in XL.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Supply to Snag

Just before Black Friday, we received a fresh shipment of Brass Buckle Wide Belts, including in our most popular Teak style. Inventory across our Silver Buckle Wide Belts remains low in the most common sizes, but there are still some out there. As with boot care, we pair up the ideal belt type with footwear when you add it to the cart, based on what we have most available. If you want a recommendation from us, simply add the boot you want to buy to the cart, and you'll see which ideal belt pairing is most available. NOTE: This fluctuates with inventory. You can also navigate to our belts and investigate yourself.

Want to give the gift of boot care this Black Friday and surrounding shopping season, sent in style? Get our boot care kit, available in three colorways, complete with Blackrock Leather 'n Rich, HELM-branded brush, and HELM polishing cloth. Please note: when you order an individual polishing cloth, it is fulfilled out of our storefront in Austin. Whether you're shopping during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or throughout the holiday season, the polishing cloth might arrive in a separate package on a separate day.

We're out of solid grey socks, and availability is dwindling on our other types. These went fast during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday window, but we do have certain styles remaining! Each pair of socks was designed specifically with our footwear in mind.

Last but not least, we did a limited edition run of HELM BOOTS t-shirts, and we're really proud of how they turned out. We still have all sizes available in both shades, black and natural (with the latter running a bit lower in stock after Black Friday).

Don't worry. plenty of post-black friday / Cyber Monday inventory is left!

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