Saturday Six 150

Saturday Six 150


SHOP | Franca


Any company whose team includes their pets already has our attention, but when you create beautiful pieces that compliment a living space like Franca does...well that's how you keep our attention. Whether it's kitchenware, pet bowls, vases or planters, their neutral colors and delicate designs fit in perfectly no matter what room of the house they end up in or what your interior design style is. You're guaranteed to find something that fits in perfectly and makes your room feel complete. 




LISTEN | Dying to Make a Living - Local Honeys


A duo from Kentucky, you can hear the influences of Appalachia in the haunting music from The Local Honeys. They just released a two song EP that features "Dying to Make A Living" and "Octavia Triangle" - both a commentary on the working class men and women of the region and the toll it takes on their bodies and lives. Pulling from other traditional adaptations of the songs, Montana and Linda Jeans newest releases are rhythmic and eerie, set to the sound of banjos and lyrics about love and tragedy. They weave stories with their music, describing them as "an evolving art form, living and breathing in generations as they come and go." 




FOLLOW | Zhang JiaCheng @lezliezhang1992


Often described as a fashion photographer, Leslie Zhang (born Zhang JiaCheng) creates images that go far beyond that label. Using his social media as his principal platform, he describes the latest generation of fashion photographers as opening a "new dialogue of what fashion imagery should look like." With portrayals of his own childhood and contemporary culture in vivid color, his Instagram is stunning and well worth the follow, sure to add poetic artistry to any feed. 




COOK | Diaspora Co.


Diaspora Co. was founded with a goal to provide support and put trade back into the hands of farmers while bringing vivid flavors to our plate unlike anything you can find on a grocery store shelf. Beyond selling an array of fresh and aromatic spices, they also provide recipes that they've tested out themselves. Mango shrimp curryspiced cacao cookies with coconut glazecumin lamb dumplings - the pictures are beautiful but they don't even do the dishes justice. Trust us, you'll want to try these out and see for yourself.




DRINK | Song Tea


Carrying on the theme of quality and rare varieties of flavor, Song Tea is a San Francisco-based company that offers combinations you won't find anywhere else. Traditional or experimental, the flavors are rich and full, clearly curated with mastery and skill and exceptional thought put into how each leaf pairs with another. We would suggest the Old Grove Honey Orchid for any tea lover, but they're readily available to answer any questions and help you find your perfect brew.




WATCH | Spitting Distance


There are some places we want to see for ourselves, and then there are experiences that we would much rather leave to the professionals. Spitting Distance follows a group of climbers as they descend into an active volcano on the archipelago of Vanuatu. Acid rain, poisonous gas, and the obvious danger of the lava lake itself, this short film allows us to come along for an exploration reserved for only a talented and brave few. Press play, hold your breath, and see how the adventure unfolds. 



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