Saturday Six 151

Saturday Six 151


ORDER | Picnik


Comfort food and healthy food should be able to go hand-in-hand, and at Picnik in Austin, TX, they make it easy to enjoy flavorful dishes without the guilt. Have a dietary restriction or just looking to change your lifestyle when it comes to food? They have something for everyone - from paleo to vegan to gluten and peanut free. Once you browse their menu, trust us, you'll be sold. From their Harvest Hash to their Tenderbelly Bacon Breakfast Taco to a wide array of cocktails at their Burnet location, you can't go wrong, so just go wild. 



FOLLOW | Janet Hill Studio


We first discovered Janet Hill on Instagram, and after diving deeper into her art prints, we were hooked. Bold colors mix with her elegant fairytale-style of painting for stunning portraits and scenes that each tell a whimsical story. We loved her creations so much, we snagged some cards to share with friends while letting them know they were on our mind. Two birds, one stone...and one very talented artist. 




INDULGE | Sol Cacao


Growing up in the Caribbean, the three Maloney brothers spent their childhood enjoying chocolate made from the trees around them. Taking their knowledge and experience with them to the South Bronx, they've crafted bars that are environmentally responsible, ethically and sustainably sourced, and made using two simple ingredients for a delicious end result. Cacao beans and raw cane sugar is all they need to make a simply great chocolate bar, and they prove that again and again.




READ | The Dark Room Collective Poets


Founded in the 80s in Boston, The Dark Room Collective was created as a place for African American writers to come together as a community of artists and creatives. Starting with readings at the founders' home, it quickly expanded to include workshops, musical performances and art exhibits, relocating from their house on Inman Street to the Playwrights Theatre at Boston University. Although the movement ended in 1998, their work is still available to read and enjoy, encapsulating the genius and imagination of a talented society that created its own literary community and ensured it would be captured in time.  




LISTEN | Collections From the Whiteout: Ben Howard


Teaming up with Aaron Dessner of the The NationalBen Howard released a new album that mixes melancholy with measured and meticulous. Collections From The Whiteout brings folk into the realm of experimental soundscapes, and reinforces our deep appreciation for his music. So much talent is poured into these 14 songs (as well as two additional edits available for listening). If you haven't heard Ben Howard before, we would also suggest going back through his past work and giving Every Kingdom a listen next. It's another fast favorite for any music lover. 




SHOP | Public Goods Hair & Body


When we shop for products to care for us from head-to-toe, we look closely at the processes used to create them. Public Goods makes it easy to see what goes into creating and releasing a quality product, with cruelty-free manufacturing, chemical-free ingredients, and biodegradable materials. They make sustainable products attainable, ensuring they're gentle for your body and easy on the wallet. From body to home to grocery and even goods for your pets, they have everything you need to care for yourself and the world around you. 







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