Saturday Six 159

Saturday Six 159


VISIT | Market South


We're finally getting more comfortable meeting up with friends, and a great spot for catching up if you find yourself in Chattanooga is Market South. A large and airy food hall with a brewery inside, it features a range of options to choose from and skips the trouble of finding one menu that everyone agrees on. Pizza, Thai, Asian, Japanese, burgers, coffee, cocktails, and can find it all here along with good company and great service. 




LISTEN | Manchester Orchestra "The Million Masks of God"


For fans of Manchester Orchestra (or fans of any Andy Hull project in general), their newest release, The Million Masks of God, takes elements of past favorite albums to give a feeling of familiarity and pairs it with a melodic new sound. An exploration of faith and family, it makes an impression on old and new listeners alike with its powerful and resounding refrains and masterfully calculated lyrics. Starting slowly with the track "Inaudible", it builds into an album that we quickly fell in love with. 




WATCH | Creating The Queen's Gambit


For fans of the show The Queen’s Gambit, this short documentary on Netflix takes a closer look at the story that many of us found to be an easy binge. From how the idea went from a feature film to seven episodes, the costume and set design, and how they approached certain details of Beth’s life, it’s a peek behind the curtain of an engrossing series. Although we were bummed to see it end, we were excited to have another new chance to explore this compelling story.




EXPLORE | Richard Proenneke


In 1967, Richard Proenneke headed into the Alaskan wilderness to build a cabin (from tools he often made himself and materials he found in the area) that he would inhabit for the next 30 years. Living simply and isolated physically, he maintained friendships through his letters and shared his experience using films and journals he kept. His intriguing life can still be discovered even after his death in  2003 thanks to his documentation. To explore his decades-long connection with nature, you can take a closer look here, including a virtual tour of his home and the short documentary he filmed.




CAFFEINATE | George Coffee + Provisions


In Coppell, TX it’s easy to spot George Coffee + Provisions. Located inside what looks like a sprawling farmhouse from the East Coast, they have plenty of room for outdoor seating as well as indoor seats throughout the rooms and downstairs of the home. Offering a wide ranging menu of caffeinated drinks, pastries and bites, they’re well worth the stop if you’re driving through. Heck, they're worth the detour even if you're not, just so you can try the drinks and see the stunning space for yourself. 




READ | Little Patakha


During the pandemic, Akshata Nayak realized that her young daughter could understand her mother’s native language of Konkani but didn’t know how to respond except in English. Searching for a way to make this connection easier, she created a picture book with visual cues and entertaining drawings - from here Little Patakha was born. Now expanded into two books, it’s also been released to aid other parents and children in learning Hindi and Konkani. In the future she hopes to expand and envelope even more rare languages, and we're looking forward to learning along with our kids. 

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