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The Story Behind the Ayers

Just as the temperature has been sitting steadily in the 100’s (here in Austin anyway), HELM is already having to think ahead to the Fall season. With the styles for the upcoming line already nailed down and on their way, we were excited to be releasing a boot that you don’t have to wait for colder months to wear.




There is a reason that we chose to release the Ayers first. With a month or more left of this summer weather, we needed a boot that could beat the heat and make an easy transition into Fall. The low profile helps a lot; how lightweight it is helps even more. If any of you remember the Jack from earlier years, this is a remake with some added perks. A white midsole for one. Our new durable HELM Raptor sole for another. These boots can work in any season, so good thing they are made to last for years.




We could go on forever about the design of the Ayers, but we came here to talk about the name. As many of you already know, all of the boots are named after people Joshua has met throughout his life and this pair is no exception. Back when he was a teenager, he became close friends with Corey Ayers in high school and they built a strong bond based on skateboarding, an obsession with the Beastie Boys and air-basketball skills. Yes, that is basketball with no ball, which they were both very good at. They spent a lot of time together, listening to bands like Operation Ivy and Propagandhi, dying each others hair or riding to breakfast in Corey’s green soft-top Suzuki. A typical teenage friendship that lasted beyond high school because, as Joshua put it, Corey “stayed true to himself all these years and didn’t care about standing out or what other people thought of him. He never lost sight of his passion for art and music and I really admire that.”




We wanted to get to know Corey Ayers a bit, so we asked him some questions about his friendship with Joshua, his idea of quality and, of course, what sign he is.


How do you know Joshua?
Oh man, I’ve known Josh since I was 15 or 16. We both went to school together and got into skateboarding and music at the same time. Kindred weirdos at the time.

What three words do you think he would use to describe you?
It’s been a while since I’ve seen Josh, so I had these piped in from mutual friends from back in the day. One guy said “on the spectrum” and another said “neurotic, witty, intelligent.” (For the record, Joshua said “funny, dedicated and artistic.”)

Have you ever had anything named after you before?
I don’t believe I have actually. Do most people have something named after them? Have I been missing out all this time?

What is your favorite fashion staple/clothing item you own?
I’ve worn a pretty consistent uniform of Ben Sherman shirts, Levi’s, and Vans for about 15 years now I think.

What is the most important thing you look for in clothing or footwear that you buy?
Comfort. I do a lot of video work and photography so I’m constantly moving around and shlepping gear. 

Has Joshua ever asked you what astrological sign you are? What sign are you?
I don’t believe Josh has ever asked me….I am a Gemini though


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