best men's brown leather cowboy boots

Best Men's Brown Leather Cowboy Boots

If you are and have been searching for the best men's brown leather cowboy boots it can be a challenge. You first should know and educate yourself on the history and uses of this type of booted footwear.

Cowboy boots are a distinct type of riding boots favoured and often worn by cowboys.They are designed and constructed to have a certain type of heel, a rounded or sometimes pointed toe with no laces just pull on. Most cowboy boots are normally made from high quality cowhide leather ,alternatively they can be made from other types of animal skins like alligator or buffalo for example.

The two most popular type of leather cowboy boots are of the western type of horse riding boots .These western style boots have a long looking appearance to them and can often come above the calf of the wearers leg,with the heel being just over 1 inch high. These are the most common riding boots but there are other alternatives available with a shorter lower type heel .

Men's leather riding boots have been worn for centuries and were normally individually designed and made by hand by leather craftsmen in the art of producing a quality hard wearing cowboy boot.During the mass cattle drives of the 1800's, cowboys wore them as a form of early type work wear so as not to ruin there best quality dress type boots while working in these often hard and difficult terrains.Some dress type cowboy boots were extensively designed and were only worn about town for social occasions.

Best Men's Brown Leather Cowboy Boots

best mens brown leather cowboy boots

The american styled best men's brown leather cowboy boots design was taken up by boot makers in most cattle and horse ranching areas in america who soon started to notice the business opportunities this opened up for them to expand and produce this type of footwear.

The design for the leather cowboy boots was based on cowboys being able to mount and dismount from there rides easily.The sole of the boots did not have a tread on them, this was to allow removal easily from the stirrup of the saddle .The tall heel on the cowboy boot was also to ensure and lessen the risk of the foot sliding forward and through the stirrup which could have fatal consequences if the cowboy was unseated. And while horses can be so unpredictable this this was added protection for the rider.The extended leather of the boot also helped to secure the cowboy boot in position comfortably on the riders calves and legs.The extended leather on the boot also offered protection for the rider who more often than not worked in an assortment of rugged helped protect him from any injuries to his legs from rocks or thorns as well as offering him some kind of protection when crossing streams or rivers .

Some cowboys liked to wear highly decorated boots as a mark of esteem and importance so they had their own custom made and designed boots crafted to be a one of statement of there own. Nowadays cowboy boots are just not worn by cowboys but by many individuals for work or pleasure including many social occasions. If you decide to purchase a pair of men's brown leather cowboy boots, definitely shop the HELM Boots collection here. You will find the best men's brown leather cowboy boots, designed and constructed for almost any occasion, which means you can wear them not just as cowboy boots.

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