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The Real Man's Guide On How to Wear Boots for Any Occasion

For men, there are must-have shoes that every certified biological male should have. We’re talking about boots, and they should be on the top of your list. These shoes are more than a practical and comfy choice, but you can use them almost anywhere as well.

Men’s boots are among the three shoes a man would ever need. A pair can get you through almost anything if you know how to use them.

Men's Fashion Boots - Tips on Wearing Boots

Do you want to learn how to wear boots? The fashion trends boots that are starting is something we’re sure you’ll love.

In this guide, we’ll teach you everything a man needs to know about boots. From when to wear boots, to how to wear brown leather boots, you'll get to the end of this guide a little bit manlier.

Are you ready to learn? Here’s what you need.

1. Wearing Ankle Boots

Let’s start with learning the most versatile of all boots – the ankle boots. Ankle boots have many advantages when you wear them. The range of wardrobes that you can also use with them is near infinite as well.

If you want to fashion yourself with the best fashion trend boots, here’s how you wear a pair of ankle boots. The first thing you should do is pick which outfits you want. When to wear boots depends on the style of the boots that you pick.

Once you pick the style of boots that you’re comfortable with, pair them up. Jeans, slacks, sweaters or even a button-up shirt would work. Even then, which style fits you the best?

When to Wear Ankle Boots

Chukka boots like the Helm’s Declan Brown leather boots are great for smart casual or business casual outfits. They’re comfortable and easy, so there shouldn’t be much of a problem. Some Chukkas like the Declan Men’s Black Leather Boots are great with jeans and a hipster ensemble.

Another pair of ankle boots are the Chelsea, which are slip-on boots. These have an elastic or vulcanized rubber on the side of the boot instead of zippers or laces in the front. Chelsea boots tend to be versatile and are ultra useful in many situations.

When to wear boots like the Chelsea style? We tend to recommend styles that are more relaxed. A pair of Chelsea boots resonate a certain laidback, casual atmosphere, so you want to pair them with skinnies or even a shirt.

If you’re going to the office, a nice pair of chinos and some fun blazers would look cool. Rock the men’s black leather boots with some confidence until you find the right balance. Semi-formal should be a nice consistent palette across the entire fashion.

2. Wearing Military and Combat Boots

One of the growing fashion trends boots nowadays are military combat boots, and we love them. They’re the quintessential men’s boots and they’re rugged as they are tough. Even for classic outfits, they’re perfect for casual outfits and outings on the road.

Combat boots tend to be edgy and overflowing with strong machismo. Pair them with a solid combination of muted earth colors and you should be good to go. Even then, this doesn’t mean you have heavy limits on when to wear boots like these.

The primary issue that many have with combat boots is the same thing that many people love it. Military combat boots tend to care more about the function and forget about style. Sure you can trek an entire mountain with them, but unless you pick the right ones, you’ll have a fashion crisis.

Many of the more modern iterations of the military brown leather boots like the Chalmers Limited Edition provide for a sleeker design. Stylistic designs like this make the military boots more tailor fit for something beyond looking edgy. You can look fashionable with military boots if you have the right pair.

How to Wear Military and Combat Boots

When it comes to combat boots, there are many ways to wear them. Depending on what you’ll do, you can pick from any styles. You don’t have limits on the style of the boots either, so it’s not all about men’s leather black boots.

If you want to go for a workman’s hipster style, the combination is seamless so you don’t have to worry. If you’re not going to do manual labor, combine textures and fabrics. Add layers where you can.

When to wear boots like military ones include adding more layers. Layer with a vest or even cargo trousers for that casual look. You won’t even go wrong with any kind of denim.

3. Wearing Work Boots

American work boots are another great fashion trend boots that grew in popularity over the last couple of decades. Work boots are great beyond the construction site now. There’s also a growing fanbase for these do-it-alls, and here’s the reason why:

American work boots are a classic piece of Americana. What people love about them is their versatility, which works with almost any style you may have. From suits to leggings to denim, these are as timeless as they are workhorses.

The modern take on these classic leather boots is more enhancement than improvement. What these brown leather boots needed is a sleeker redesign.

Styles like the Helm Muller added cleaner lines and a more narrow profile. They get to keep their minimalist styles and vibrant color. Even then, they get the added benefit of a much lighter weight.

Boots like the Muller also benefit through hand-made craftsmanship. This adds more substance to the style, letting your boots last for years.

How to Wear Work Boots

When to wear boots like American work boots? The looks of work boots show a relaxed style that goes well in almost any setting. You can use them in casual affairs, in business situations and even on the streets.

One tip to use these fashion trends boots is to pair them up with jeans. Jeans are fantastic with work boots, emanating the classic everyman style that people love. It also works with other classics like trousers and cotton cargo pants.

Beyond the casual look, there’s also a way to wear them at work. Modern iterations like Helm’s Railroads keep everything that you love while adding cleaner lines that work in office environments. You can take advantage of how these modern iterations work for your fashion.

For smart casual and work wear, chinos would look awesome. Add some extra layering and soft materials to give you the extra pizzazz.

Some Key Takeaways When to Wear Boots

Now that we know how to deal with the best men’s black leather boots and brown leather boots, not all people have the same style. People have their own fashion, so we have a few takeaways on how you could wear these boots better.

Follow the Function of Your Boots

The first thing you need to remember is that every occasion needs the right boot. When to wear boots depend on the current situation. Sure, boots are some of the most versatile footwear on Earth, but knowing when to use them is key.

Follow the prescribed function of your boots. Versatile styles like Helm’s Zind are great for almost any occasion, but their refined form looks better in smart casual attire. The last thing you want to do is leave the middle ground between formal and hyper-casual.

Invest in Quality

Quality is always crucial when it comes to fashion trends boots. Cheaping out can only bring you so far, so invest in a robust pair or two of boots. Not all people have enough money to spare, but spending money now can save you hundreds of dollars for years of use in the long run, together with being fashionable as well.

Go for real leather every time. Real leather needs a good break in, but it’s worth it. It can be soft and supple around the feet, which gives you better comfort as well.

Find handcrafted boots every time. Handcrafted boots mean the company spends time with improving quality. You’re not getting something mass-produced.

Don’t sacrifice comfort as well. Fit and comfort are crucial to giving you the best time with your shoes. You can get the best fashion trends boots but if they’re not comfy, it’s not worth it.

Go Black and Brown

If you have to pick two colors max with your boots, men’s black leather boots and brown leather boots are the best options. Why?

Men’s black leather boots like Helm’s Lou Black are great for semi-formal and formal events. Office wear looks awesome on them and they give suits a far sleeker style.

Brown leather boots are near the same, but with an added benefit. Brown leather boots are great for any occasion, which means you can use them as your staple shoes. You can go from the office straight to the bar and have time to look fantastic with these shoe colors.

Learning How to Wear Boots

How to wear boots depends on your personal style. Picking when to wear boots depends on the boots that you have and the places that you’ll go to. Having a pair of boots for the right situation will always be handy.

If you’re looking for the best quality boots in the market today, you need a brand that cares about your style and comfort. You need Helm Boots.

We offer stylish boots that work for almost any occasion. From work to play, there’s a pair of boots that can boost your fashion points so you’re looking great.

Shop now and get the quality you deserve when it comes to your real leather boots.


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