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The Unmatched Superiority of Boots Made with Horween Leather

boots made with Horween Leather

Horween leather is widely regarded as one of the finest quality materials for boots. It is not the cheapest of leather but it is not the most expensive either.

You can be sure of quality when you purchase boots made with Horween Leather.

Horween Leather has been used and continues to be used for a wide variety of accessories, including bags, not just footwear.

Whether you require a pair of work boots for a day in the factory or a pair of executive footwear for a business meeting with clients, boots made with Horween Leather should be an automatic choice.

It is also the surest way to make a style statement to colleagues.

What is Horween Leather?

Horween leather is a trademarked leather manufactured and processed by the Horween Leather Company.

Popular amongst these leathers is the Horween Chromexcel leather, which the Marion Olive Blucher Boots from HELM are made from.

The main difference between normal leather used in footwear and Horween Leather lies in the processing.

While the leather is made from cowhide, it is also made from horsehide. A certain proportion of bison hide and calf hide is also used.

The manufacturing process of the leather involves many more different stages than how ordinary mass produced leather is made.

For example, the Horween Chromexcel Leather undergoes as many as ninety different stages, taking almost a month for the hides to be transformed into the classic pull-up material that this leather is so famous for.

Horween Chromexcel leather can be flexed and folded during the various stages and this allows the grease trapped in the hides to uniformly spread evenly.

This creates a wonderful tonal effect on the leather as a whole. Anyone well educated with the manufacture of leather, especially cheap or ordinary leather, know how uneven the material can become.

However, this is never a concern or a problem in boots made with Horween leather.

The texture, the grains, the comfort and the support are completely uniform
due to this extensive manufacturing process.

This choice of leather can be polished or it can have a matte finish.

You can wear the boots made with Horween Leather for months without the need to polish or brush, as this leather rarely holds on to any dirt or grime.

HELM Boots made with Horween Leather

You get all the extra benefits from Chromexcel in HELM Boots made from Horween Leather.

The leather ages beautifully. As you wear your HELM Boots over a period, the patina also becomes richer.

The HELM Boots handcrafted and designed in Texas are a testimony to the perfect act of balancing, functionality and style.

Normally many people will not have to break into the boots, as they would have a snug fit.

The support for your heels and ankles, arches and toes is just as you would like it to be. The boots are practical and also sturdy. They are acceptable and fit well in any environment, either for work or social commitment.

The Marion Olive Bluche boots made with Horween Leather by HELM are resoleable and there is a reinforced leather pull tab, the handcrafted pair has natural leather liner and showcases the full grain of Horween Chromexcel Leather.

You can rest assured that you will love boots made with Horween Leather, it is a leather with style and quality that stands the test of time.

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