HELM Boots 6 / D Brue - Limited Edition

Brue - Limited Edition

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Military boots from the 1940’s later became boots of multiple subcultures such as punk rock, new wave and grunge. The Brue boot is heavily influenced by this history and these cultures, but we incorporated Color 8 Chromexcel and replaced the sole with a custom black HELM Harrier sole. The HELM signature white midsole and eight eyelets topped with a speed hook give this style a fashion focus with a strong salute to the roots of boots with a purpose. 
  • Shell
    • Horween Chromexcel in Color 8
  • Liner
    • Fully lined in natural leather
  • Stitching
    • Blake Rapid Stitch welt construction
  • Midsole
    • HELM signature white rubber composite midsole
  • Sole
    • HELM branded Harrier sole in black
  • Eyelets
    • Brass eyelets with top speed hook
  • Laces
    • 46 in waxed cotton laces in black
  • Last
    • 323 lasted
  • Weight
    • 1 lb 9 oz
  • Features
    • Reinforced leather pull tab
    • Seasonally updated sock liner quote
    • Resoleable
    • Handcrafted in the U.S.A.

What's In A Name

When we first met Matthew Brue, he was an aspiring musician, writing and recording his songs on his own dime. He got a job with us at HELM and during that time continued to work as hard as any artist we know to get his music to the masses. Fast forward a few years later, and his band Missio is releasing records on a major label and touring non-stop, literally topping the charts. We’re proud of Matt and his accomplishments and his willingness to never stop pursuing his dreams. It’s only fitting that this boot be influenced by the punk rock days of old, as his music and attitude lead a modern rebellion in their own right.

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