HELM Boots - Wilson


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The Wilson is a modern take of a classic chukka style boot. Made of high quality grey gunmetal Tasman leather, it ages uniquely for each wearer. This versatile style is made on our more slightly tapered 415 last, so it can pair well with denim or more tailored pants. It features a fine line outsole for traction, durability and comfort. The profile lends to a more confident and sophisticated look than typical chukka styles, allowing the Wilson to transition from leisure to business effortlessly.

· Tasman Gunmetal Grey leather
· Mid-height chukka pattern
· Fully lined in natural leather
· Fine line outsole for traction, comfort and durability
· Silver hardware
· Blake Rapid Stitch construction
· 415 lasted
· Fits true to size

Notes from the Designer

When we were young, my brother used to wear the Clarks Original Desert Trek, and I always admired how it stood out but was never really classifiable. The Wilson takes a more contemporary approach on a classic chukka by tapering the shape and giving it a grey leather that is truly one of a kind per pair. The unique way that this leather will age accompanied by the more slender profile make it a boot with a versatility second to none.

The Namesake

If you've interacted with the brand, you've experienced that Broc Wilson is the heartbeat. In and outside of the company he is supremely kind, generous and works until the job is done - no matter what. Broc loves like he breathes, and anyone that crosses his path experiences what benevolence truly means. If everyone who wore the Wilson became anywhere near as altruistic as Broc Wilson, then world peace might actually be a possibility. Naming a boot the Wilson was difficult because it had to be the right one - we think we made the right decision.