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Who are you?

I am Matthew Arthur Bolick. Co-founder at Wright Bros. Brew and Brew and Flat Track Coffee

What are your favorite pair of shoes?

I have two favorite pairs of boots. Couldn't pick one or the other. My Redwing Beckmans were a gift I gave myself after an insane SXSW years ago. I survived it so I went to the Redwing store with no clue what I wanted. I made the right choice. They have been through a ton and still crush it on the daily. 

A little over a year ago my partners and I opened The Brew and Brew in the space that once was home to Joshua's Progress Coffee. It was only fitting for us to all own a pair of Helm. We wondered over to the Helm store (a half block from The Brew and Brew) and all walked out with a pair of Railroad Revival boots. I have taken them everywhere. They now stand on White Chisty Vibram soles. Super comfy.


I don't take care of my boots but they sure take care of me.

Share something that's happened to you while wearing those shoes.

I was rippin' around a corner in the sleet last winter on the KLX. Like a dummy. Slid out and broke my foot. If I hadn't been wearing the Redwings can only imagine how horrible it would have been. 

The Railroad Revivals have seen a ton of hiking/ trail riding/ coffee slingin'/ and maybe some Narrows trespassing. 

What sign are you?

I'm a Capricorn and have no idea what that means.


Insta : @matthewarthur

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Who are you? 

Hillary Bilheimer. I am a part time brand manager for HELM Boots. I basically come in twice a week and shout a lot. I also own and manage Casa el Pío - a small inn in Isla Mujeres, Mexico - with my husband. Come stay with us! 

What’s you favorite pair of shoes?

My Margiela ankle boots


They are so so so so soft and the perfect height with a little heel, a zipper and a cool stitch detail. I don't like fussy design and I don't like wardrobe changes so these transition from walking my dogs to fancy date dinner. Its so hard to find simple, minimal boots for women and these are perfect.

 Where did you get them?

At the Neiman Marcus Last Call on South Lamar. I am a dedicated bargain shopper. I actually got down on my hands and knees and rooted around behind the shoe racks to go through all the shoes that had fallen behind the racks to see if anything good had been forgotten back there and I pulled these out. I couldn't believe it.; BOTH boots, my size and like 9,000,000% off. I'd been coveting them for years and I found them there. That's super rare. 

Share something that’s happened to you while wearing those shoes

I've worn them a lot over the last three years so a lot has happened. I lost my father, I got a tiny dog named Nina, I helped open the HELM retail store, I made some friends, I bought some land, I traveled, I decided to move my life in a new direction, you know, the usual. 

 What sign are you? 

Sun: Pisces

Moon: Sagittarius 

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US-Made Socks

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When we opened the HELM Boots Store in April 2013 we naturally knew we wanted to carry socks as well. We had a dream of a Uniqlo-esque sock wall:

but we had a hard time finding enough "Made in America" socks to build our fantasy. We knew it would be a challenge because, like a lot of US Manufacturing, the sock industry has seen a rapid decline over the last 20 years. At the time, we were only able to find Zkano from Alabama and Two Feet Ahead from Georgia. Zkano is made in Fort Payne, AL AKA the former "Sock Capital of the World" and now has a story familiar to many towns once known for manufacturing. This excerpt from the Huntsville (AL) Times:

"At the turn of the 21st century, about 8,000 people worked at the 125 hosiery mills in Fort Payne, by the estimate of DeKalb County Economic Development Authority Director Jimmy Durham. Today, said Durham, the 20 or so remaining mills employ about 600, a staggering decline for a town whose economy has long relied on sock production. The most recent departure was Gildan-Prewett, which announced in February that it was closing its four mills here and transferring production to Honduras."

It's a sad story and one that has been all too familiar the last few years BUT recently we have noticed that, at least with socks, that trend may be turning slightly. In just the last 8 months we have added three sock lines to our inventory: American Trench, Richer/Poorer and Sock Club (all produced in North Carolina). We've also heard that The Hillside has added US-Made socks and Mitscoots has been building a presence with colorful sock fans as well. 

Our sock wall hasn't reached the size of our dreams quite yet but it's growing quickly and that makes us very happy. 

Richer/PoorerLos Angeles, CA based sock company. Designs based on thrift store finds and old photos. 

American Trench- Pennsylvania-based menswear. Formed when they wanted a perfect US-Made trench coat. Expanded into socks

ZkanoFort Payne AL hosiery company. Family-owned for over 30 years

Two Feet AheadSuper old family owned hosiery company in Atlanta GA. We can't keep them in stock. 

Sock ClubAustin, TX sock of the month club. We carry a selection of designs in our retail store. 

The HillsideUS-made accessories for men

Mitscoots- 100% US Made socks, give one/get one model and they employ the less fortunate. Feel good all around. 

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Who are you?

I am one who amuses light both finite and infinite depending on speed. As glass and film imprison timeless dancing light, human beings expand their limits toward the Infinite. The praxis of seeing light in the darkest of people and places. I am also a photographer and the founder of Space12 and Vox Veniae in East Austin.

What’s you favorite pair of shoes?
1960's Danner Hiking Boots

They get me out of the noise of the city and into subtle silence of nature.

Where did you get them?
Thrift store in Asheville, NC for $20

Share something that’s happened to you while wearing those shoes?
After scoring the boots, we camped at Mount Mitchell State Park. The next morning rummaging bears woke us up to hike in the foggy mist among ferries and moss.

What sign are you?
Aquarius, eh?

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Who are you? 
I am James (Jamie) Tallerico. I am an apparel/graphic designer currently working at Converse as a Senior Global Brand Designer. But most importantly I am a father to two wonderful little dudes.

What’s you favorite pair of shoes?
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70.

They are great because they are the Chucks from the 70's and they are more comfortable then OG Chucks. These Chucks sit a little taller and that is a plus for someone that is 5’5”. They also have a beautiful retro styling to them.

Where did you get them?
I got them at work, obviously. I had been working at Nike in Sportswear apparel and had been wearing nothing but Nike SB Janoskis. Then I decided to transfer to Converse to do something different with my career. I hadn’t worn Chucks in years, because the OGs hurt my feet. But I was recommended these from a co-worker and they are great. I love them.

Share something that’s happened to you while wearing those shoes?
My old pair traveled with me on my road trip from Portland to Boston via OKC. They were purchased in San Diego. Traveled to Mexico for vacation. They have seen the Big Sky Country. Been to Little Big Horn. Got rained on at Mt Rushmore. Ate pizza at Hideaway. Hung out in Columbus, Ohio for a few days. Walked around Brooklyn. And finally took me to my first day at Converse. They saw a lot of action.

What sign are you?
Libra. But I wish BADASS was a sign.

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Taylor Bruce

Who are you?

I'm a writer based in Austin, and I run a travel brand called WILDSAM. We publish field guides to great American cities. That's how we first discovered Helm. It was love at first boot.

What’s you favorite pair of shoes?

I pretty much wear two pairs of shoes. First, a ragged pair of K Swiss low tops that Billy Reid made. I'm on the second pair, and I've learned that I must walk funny because I busted through the right heel after about 15 months. And second, this pair of Helm Railroad boots with a logger heel. There's no busting through it!

Why are they your favorite?

Being a creature of habit is part of it. When something fits, I stick to it. But also, I find that the world is a big place, so any time I can make it small, connecting in a real way, good things happen. Even when it comes to buying a pair of shoes.

Where did you get them?

I bought the K Swiss on the Billy Reid website. I picked up the Helms at their old shop space on Cesar Chavez in Austin. Joshua laced them up for me himself. And I kinda remember measuring my foot on one of those old school metal devices. Am I making that up? (note- he's not making that up, it's an old Brannock Device we have!) 

Share something that’s happened to you while wearing those shoes?

One night I was home alone and I thought I heard someone breaking in. Clawing at our door at like 2AM. I went to check it out and I grabbed one of the boots by the toes. It was the best weapon in the house. Turned out to be a raccoon snooping around our porch.

What sign are you?

Virgo, baby!

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Rachel Baker

Who are you? 

Hi, my name is Rachel Ruth Pychinzska. My husband and I run an American made clothing line called PRIZM. Instagram: _prizm_ website:

 What’s your favorite pair of shoes?

Acne Studios Pistol boots



Every woman should own a pair of classic black ankle boots. These have a simple, yet distinct, design.

 Where did you get them?

My husband bought them for me at a boutique in Paris.

 Share something that’s happened to you while wearing those shoes?

I recently went to qui for the first time. It was next level cuisine, unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. I wore my Acne boots when I went.

 What’s your sign?

Pisces all the way. 


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