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We've been in Los Angeles this week, for a bit of work and a bit of fun and all relaxing in the almost-always perfect Southern California weather. 
One thing that always fascinated us is the look and feel of the city - it's fun to look around and see remnants of that golden era of film and architecture.
We just wanted to share a bit of our adventure - no big announcements, just some nice pictures of a great American city. We hope it inspires the rest of your week!
Happy October! 


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+ WATCH: PBS Idea explores the influence of GIFS on music videos - the internets ARE leaking. [Youtube]
+ SEE: The thing you can't not be hearing about: Ello, the anti-Facebook? Read a bit about it at Boing Boing. [Boing Boing]
+ DO: You already missed the party, but Brew & Brew has been around for a year and they got a bunch of delicious beers to celebrate. [Brew & Brew]
+ HEAR: Thom Yorke is releasing an album tomorrow, Beyoncé style? [Pitchfork]
+ EXCUSE?: Shangri-La on East 6th got windows. GET OUTTA MY DIVE BAR, YUPPIES! [Shangri-La ATX


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+ WATCH: This oddly satisfying video about seamlessly transforming graphics, Geometric, from Al Boardman. [Vimeo]
+ SEE: We might be boot heads, but we're also sneaker heads - and Alexander Wang's latest collection took it to new levels. Sneaker dress! Sneaker bags! [Style]
+ DO: Come to Tribeza's Smoked Meat and Metal event and see us, our studio and Traveller Denim, Ft. Lonesome, Revival Cycles and more! [Tribeza]
+ HEAR:  This clip from the forthcoming Jessie Ware album which has us jonesing from some new Jessie NOW. 
+ CAFFEINATE: Stop by Austin's new East Side cafe, Sa-Tèn for some great coffee, snacks and light Japanese inspired fare - and that SQUIRREL WALLPAPER. [Sa-Tèn]

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In an age where the internet is king, we at HELM still like to appreciate the beauty of print media. Among the many sources in which we find inspiration, magazines such as “Fantastic Man” and “Man of the World” offer an intimate, palpable reading experience unlike reading from a computer screen. Magazines are monthly, or quarterly, works of art. The content, the feel of the paper, and the turn of each page is unique and, if done right, offer a tactile representation of the magazine’s aesthetic. A quick fix on an internet blog (like you’re doing now) is nice and all, but sitting down with a magazine in hand seem a bit more relaxing to us!


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Daniel Donahue

Who are you?

Hi! I am Dan. Dan Donahue if you need to separate me from the other Dans in your life. I like to make things happen with my friends. Professionally I am an art director. Personally I am daydream believer.

What’s you favorite pair of shoes?
My all time favorite pair of shoes were a pair of Vans high tops I got in the 80's when I was a skate rat. They were navy blue suede trim light blue canvas with a white stripe. It was the shoe. I knocked the combo from looking at Thrasher.




I loved them so much. I remember lacing them up and feeling like I was from California. In middle school that was pretty powerful. I wore them everywhere and skated daily and nightly in them. I shredded them but refused to give up on them by the time they were done they were more of a duct tape slipper. They weren't even in one piece the last time I skated in them one half of the shoe went flying.

Where did you get them?

At the time Vans were impossible to come by. I had to go to Stratosphere skate shop in Atlanta to order them. I got to pick all the parts out of a binder. It was a big deal. I mean a huge deal.

Share something that’s happened to you while wearing those shoes?

I wore them for so long it would be safe to say that puberty probably happened while wearing them? That's pretty special.


What sign are you?

Aquarius for life. I guess that's implied? I bear the water for all y'all.


Page Campbell

Who are you?

I am Paige Robson Campbell


What's your favorite pair of shoes?

Lately, I've been loving these sort-of tacky but awesome Sam Edelman ankle boots, but they are not my true love. My very favorite pair of shoes is this pair of Brown and Cream tall leather cowboy boots that I got brand new when I was 15. I was riding horses at the time and my instructor insisted on English riding. To rebel, I wore straight-up cowboy boots. They even have finger holes on the sides for pulling 'em on. My parents bought them for me from HorseTown in Alpharetta, GA. I remember they cost around 200 dollars, which was so much to me! I don't remember the name of the company though, its been worn off. They might be Frye? I'm realizing that this whole story makes me sound like I grew up rich, but I didn't. I just have really nice parents. I should write them now and say thank you.



They are my favorites because they have been with me for 16 years, and only needed resoling once! They are beautiful and suuuuper comfortable. They make my legs look good and when I play music they make a nice, loud stomp. They look good with a tight dress. You can stuff a wallet and/or phone into them. When I was the weirdo in an inner city Atlanta high school clomping down the hall and sometimes- embarrassingly- playing a harmonica, these boots really said to people "don't worry about it." These boots have taught me that investing money into a great pair of shoes is definitely the thing to do.


Share something that happened to you while wearing these shoes.

Something that happened to me....well I don't remember anything too incredible. I fell off of a horse, I played a million shows in them, and I grew a lot older in them. I'm sure a few dramatic things happened while I wore these, but maybe I've blocked all that out!


What sign are you?


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+ WATCH: This video of a large part of Earth just straight up leaving (IN REAL TIME). [Youtube]
+ SEE: Vanessa Friedman’s vine for some seriously spectacular 6 second coverage of the past and upcoming fashion weeks - including a spectacular view from the 56th floor of 4 World Trade Center [Vine]
+ DO: Hurry up and buy your tickets for Smoked Meats and Metal, happening at Revival Cycles (and our offices). [Style Week]
+ HEAR: Interpol’s new record, El Pintor. [Interpol]
+ READ: This year’s Pulitzer Prize winnter, The Goldfinch - a truly modern epic that must be read to be understood. [Bookpeople]


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+ WATCH: I don't know about you, but over here we think anything Anthony Bourdain touch (television wise) is pretty much gold. If you haven't been watching Mind of a Chef, it's all on Netflix and the next season begins next month, so get caught up. [Netflix]
+ SEE: The app "Somebody" - made by Miranda July in collaboration with Miu Miu - which allows you to have a complete stranger deliver a message to the person of your choice. The video is equal parts sad, funny, genius and uncomfortable and we're obsessed with it. [Ed. note: Please don't dump anyone via stranger message]. [Youtube]
+ DO: Go get you some culture during this year's Broadway Week. [Broadway Week]
+ HEAR: Spoon's new album, They Want Your Soul, is currently on repeat. [Spoon]
+ EAT: The sakura mochi at Michi Ramen - perfect for the final days of summer and so, so tasty. [Michi]

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