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Taylor Bruce

Who are you?

I'm a writer based in Austin, and I run a travel brand called WILDSAM. We publish field guides to great American cities. That's how we first discovered Helm. It was love at first boot.

What’s you favorite pair of shoes?

I pretty much wear two pairs of shoes. First, a ragged pair of K Swiss low tops that Billy Reid made. I'm on the second pair, and I've learned that I must walk funny because I busted through the right heel after about 15 months. And second, this pair of Helm Railroad boots with a logger heel. There's no busting through it!

Why are they your favorite?

Being a creature of habit is part of it. When something fits, I stick to it. But also, I find that the world is a big place, so any time I can make it small, connecting in a real way, good things happen. Even when it comes to buying a pair of shoes.

Where did you get them?

I bought the K Swiss on the Billy Reid website. I picked up the Helms at their old shop space on Cesar Chavez in Austin. Joshua laced them up for me himself. And I kinda remember measuring my foot on one of those old school metal devices. Am I making that up? (note- he's not making that up, it's an old Brannock Device we have!) 

Share something that’s happened to you while wearing those shoes?

One night I was home alone and I thought I heard someone breaking in. Clawing at our door at like 2AM. I went to check it out and I grabbed one of the boots by the toes. It was the best weapon in the house. Turned out to be a raccoon snooping around our porch.

What sign are you?

Virgo, baby!

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Rachel Baker

Who are you? 

Hi, my name is Rachel Ruth Pychinzska. My husband and I run an American made clothing line called PRIZM. Instagram: _prizm_ website:

 What’s your favorite pair of shoes?

Acne Studios Pistol boots



Every woman should own a pair of classic black ankle boots. These have a simple, yet distinct, design.

 Where did you get them?

My husband bought them for me at a boutique in Paris.

 Share something that’s happened to you while wearing those shoes?

I recently went to qui for the first time. It was next level cuisine, unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. I wore my Acne boots when I went.

 What’s your sign?

Pisces all the way. 


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SS2015 video teaser

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Work is fun when you do work with awesome people.

And these awesome people helped make this photo shoot and short film teaser so check it out!  (Broc Wilson, Ethan G. Brown, Nick Valdez, Tessa Baker, Robby King , Michaele Smith, Jennifer Henry and Adreon Denson Henry - and thank you Matthew Brue for sharing your beautiful Missio music with us.)

Here's to another season of HELM Boots and many more to come---because the awesome people are who make it what it is.

XO- Joshua

SS2015 HELM Boots video teaser from helmboots on Vimeo.


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Who are you? 

I'm Jessie Johnson. Marketing Director/Event Coordinator for Waterloo Records and i make mixed media art that you can take a gander at here

I also have a new vintage shop on Ebay you can see here

What’s your favorite pair of shoes?

My lace up Justin Ropers that I bought used probably in 2010. I wear them all throughout the year, in all seasons and just had them re-soled at Austin Shoe Hospital thank god.


They are black, look like a standard men's lace up boot when the cowboy fringe is removed (which I did right away). They're tough, weather resistant. I work a lot of outdoor festivals and concerts and I can work hard, lifting and carrying all manner of gear and still look a tad stylish or my version of. They do look pretty alright with shorts or dresses but I wear jeans 99% of the time. They aren't steel toed but still have protected me from many a foot injury. They're still comfortable after wearing them all day and I can ride my bike home in them:)

Where did you get them?

Feathers Boutique on South Congress! <3<3<3

Share something that’s happened to you while wearing those shoes:

Man, everything has happened to me while wearing them. I have hiked, gone on bike rides, worked (kind of) important events for the store and even run in these boots with some to lesser degrees of success. In fact I was wearing them on my son's first, official, no-training-wheels bike ride. He just took off while I was running like mad to catch up along behind him. I'll never forget that. I also had a terrible/hilarious fall in them during the great flood of ACL Fest last year. I had just gotten to see my all time favorite band, The Cure and was heading back all bleary eyed to the production trailers when the sky opened up and it just started raining buckets. More than buckets, like Niagara Falls rain. For some reason I decided that it was critical to stay dry so I took off at a dead run slipping and totally waxing it on the metal steps to the production trailer. I mean it was a full on yard sale kind of fall. My radio, cell phone, everything went flying. I was bruised and sore for weeks after. Hey maybe if I'd been wearing some boots with a little tread, this wouldn't have happened. Scratch this, these aren't my favorite shoes.

What sign are you?

My husband brought home a sign for me once after he'd been out on a run in the neighborhood. It says, "Cowboy Butts Drive Me Nuts". I can't really think of a better sign than that.

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Travel Files: Miami Art Basel

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HELM Retail Manager Broc Wilson got the opportunity to attend Art Basel in Miami this past December - making all of us jealous in the process. His BFs are in the band Videoing and they got the chance to open for Quintron&Miss Pussycat at the (f)Art Basel Party so naturally they forced Broc to tag along. Here are his highlights from a wacky weekend of high end art and conceptual ideas.

"I Visited the Pulse Contemporary Art Fair. One of my favorite galleries was Waterhouse & Dodd with featured artist Jean-François Rauzier whose photography blew me away."

"Best breakfast in years at Las Olas. Hole in the wall open from 7:00 am till 8:00 pm, and there is literally a line to get in at every hour. Best coffee and empanadas I've ever had. Period."
"I'm not a "sweet-drink" kinda guy, but I was told the Pina Colada at Monty's South Beach is legendary, and this proved to be true. When in Rome..."

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Who are you?

That's kinda deep. Here goes nothin...I am a man, not a myth, and definitely not a legend. I play in the band Midlake and reside in Denton, TX with my wife and two dogs. We have a music studio, a bar (Paschall Bar), and I co-own a screen print company (Norman Roscoe). If you'd like to know more, please come visit Denton and we'll talk on deeper subjects like religion, politics, and football. I'll get the first round!

What’s you favorite pair of shoes?

The Anne by HELM has been the only boot my feet have known for the past five years of live shows. And I'm happy to say, like a good wine, they keep getting better with age!


A wise man once said, 'If it ain't broke don't fix it'. Well, they have been well 'broken' in now, and they are indeed my ultimate fix for footwear.

Where did you get them?

I bought them online at

Share something that’s happened to you while wearing those shoes?

We were playing a festival in Sweden a few years ago and we went on right before Arcade Fire. I had met a couple of the guys before but didn't know them well, so we were eager for the opportunity. As with many festivals, other artists will watch from side stage so it can add to the possible insecurity of performing when you see them perched in your peripheral. When done, we of course hoped we'd had a good show and set the stage well for their forthcoming performance. As I was leaving the stage one of the guys stopped me. Thinking that he might say 'great show' or some words of encouragement on our set, I was humbled when he instead gave credence elsewhere saying 'Hey man, I love your boots'. I proudly shared with him what they were, but then knew that Helm Boots was the real rock star, and I was just lucky enough to be the roadie ;)

What sign are you? 

Aries. I am the ram!

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Travel Files: Savannah, GA

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 "My in-laws live in Savannah, GA - it's where my husband grew up - so I am lucky to be able to visit this fair city at least once a year. Over time it has gotten to be quite a cosmopolitan place. My first visit was on a middle school class trip and I remember it being a slightly rundown historic city with a lot of vacant storefronts and ton of stories. I have a personal tie to the city as well -  my grandfather lived in Savannah - on Bull Street- for a time in the 1920s and it is where he lied about his age to be able to enlist with the National Guard at 17 (the Army was good to him - he ended up retiring as a Colonel in the 70s). I've always loved Savannah's charms and history and squares and brick buildings and river and old old oldness (guys, the oldest building was built in 1753). On a recent trip to see my in-laws, I was able to visit a few of my favorite places." (by HELM Staffer Hillary Bilheimer):

The Florence - a new restaurant in a former ice factory opened in Midtown by Hugh Acheson - a renown chef from Canada, transplanted to Georgia and also of Five and Ten and Top Chef fame. The Florence focuses on Italian flavors and also has a stellar coffee shop and bakery around back.

Service Brewing - brewery and tasting room in a former paper plant, opened by ex-US Army personnel. Their master brewer is about as accomplished as one could be and they turn out reliable standards as well as R&D one-offs. Try the Oyster Stout this fall if you can. May River oysters lend a salty finish to a creamy rich stout. 

 McQueen's Island Trail - originally the railway out to Tybee Island from downtown Savannah that took residents to the seashore in the late 1800s/early 1900s, this crushed shell walkway takes you over 6 miles of marshland, across the Bull River and next to the Savannah River where you can spy cormorants, pelicans and even dolphins. It's a good hike to get some fresh air and see the natural beauty of the area. 

The Paris Market - A really reliably good shop where you can find felt hats, old charms, design books, great coffee at the little dessert café and an interesting, curated selection of French antiques on 2 levels. I always find something here. 

 Savannah Bee Company - Local honey producer with several varieties and a few retail locations in the city. They also have a terrific selection of face and body care products using honey. Visit their bottling plant on WIlmington Island and get a tour of the bee garden as well. A local company doing great things for bee awareness and repopulation. 

Prospector Co. - The flagship location for this skincare line with the covetable packaging. All their products are made carefully, with sensitive skin in mind and particularly the act of shaving - both beards and legs (and pits too, I suppose). I especially like their Leg Shave. It makes a tedious, daily task seem luxurious. 

 SCAD - This art and design school has exploded in growth in the last 25 years. Once a small, local art college, SCAD now brings in students from around the globe. They also have been renovating the city extensively in their quest for new classrooms, galleries and studios. Broughton Street downtown has benefitted greatly from their expansion. The SCAD store (ShopSCAD) on Bull Street downtown is a small retail location that consistently showcases new work from SCAD artists, crafters and designers (and can also be shopped online). 

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