2014 Pre-Order Event

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We at HELM are always trying to come up with new ways to keep things fun for you guys. Sometimes it gets a bit tedious to design and release two seasons a year. Design, release, design, release, design, release, etc, etc, etc. This season we thought "hey! let's change it up a bit!". So for the first time ever - we are presenting our Fall 2014 styles now, for you to order in advance. We thought we'd throw in a little discount, too just to sweeten the deal. 

The thing that is so important though (and we feel like maybe we haven't been super clear about this aspect of our company until now) is that we only produce a limited number of pairs each season and once they're gone, we don't bring them back. We do keep a few styles around because you guys can't get enough of them (The Mullers, The Sam Original and soon, The Ben) but our business model dictates that we make only a few styles a season in a limited number. We stamp each pair with the season so you always know when yours were made. See, it's special! 

Ok so here's the nitty gritty: From Friday Aug 1- Friday Aug 15 we will be offering our five new Fall styles at 15% off. We will never put these on sale again so if you are thinking about it from that aspect, you should jump on this. Also, remember the limited number of pairs thing. Once they're gone, they're gone. We'll charge your card at purchase but we'll be shipping these very soon. The Lotzer, Abel and Donahue will go out the week of Aug 18th. The Petes will be shipping in October. 

Click the image above or HERE to watch Joshua tell you more about each style. We are so excited about this season. We designed some of our favorite boots we've ever seen come from our studio. The Pete was a long time in the making and we love that influence from Joshua's favorite Saab. We adore the cutthroat sole on the Abel and the fact that it has its roots in fly fishing. The Donahue is such a sexy black basic and the Lotzer Black just does everything well; from that toe to the black Vibram sole. It's not in our best interest to say so but you may never need another boot after that one. 

Come back tomorrow and get your chance to put one of these in your closet. 


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My Favorite Pair of Shoes No. 01 by Kyle Muller

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Who are you?
Kyle Muller / Art Director


What’s your favorite pair of shoes?
Vietnam Combat Boots (1960s)


They belonged to my father who was a fighter pilot. The black leather is worn, scuffed and they fit like a glove. When getting laced up, I feel a swelling of pride and sentimentality... plus they are steel-toed and ready to rumble. 


Where did you get them?
Richard “Raccoon” Muller


Share something that’s happened to you while wearing those shoes.
I wore them everyday for about two years straight… so a lot. The boots defiantly had two different owners.One was pulling Gs in an F-14 Tomcat, and flying missions as Naval Aviator in Top Gun… the other walked around, went to parties and frequented bars in New York.I asked my Father about the boots and this is what he said…
"When I was a young aviator – I wanted to look 'spiffy' in my flight suit/flying attire – so I spit-polished the boots to make ‘em shine! Took me over an hour! When the C.O. (Commanding Officer) saw them – he told me to undo all of my work and 'never polish them again!' It seems that shoe polish is flammable – and according to him – I was asking for trouble!”


Still haven’t polished them. 


What sign are you?
Capricorn/Aquarius (cusp)


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You may have noticed that we don't always carry our styles forever - in fact, because we believe that style is something that should be unique, HELM usually only produces our designs for a single season. Once that style runs out, it's gone from our stock forever - but hopefully on your feet forever, a truly unique and well-crafted piece!

An exception to this rule are our Heritage Styles. Based off of traditional American shoe design, this collection features our Mullers in Black, Teak and Brown and our Sam Original Boot

Why do we produce these season after season? Because we believe that they embody the HELM spirit - something truly timeless and classic, with a modern twist - and because they age so well; we've never seen a Muller age just like any other one. The leathers we select reflect the wearer's lifestyle and habits and tell the world who you are and how you like to live life. 

We've done a small editorial featuring some awesome models with photographer Olivia Vale - enjoy and don't forget the Mullers and Sam Original are available now! Click the pictures or the links for more information. 


The Muller Teak 


L to R: The Muller Brown, The Sam Original and the Muller Teak 


L to R the Muller Teak, the Muller Brown

the Muller Black

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Go Camping and Chop Our Boots in Half

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"We’ve seen countless “making of” videos, which are interesting, but today we see a refreshing spin on the concept." - Selectism 7/8/14

We got some coverage this week from two blogs that we really, REALLY admire and which we're stoked to share with you. Click the images below to read what Esquire recommends you do in the Muller boot. Personally, we love this boot outside but think it is more suited to picnicking or perhaps glamping if that is, in fact, a thing. However we also respect whatever it is you may want to throw at it. On a related note about throwing, see what Selectism has to say about our boot sawing video. Clearly this boot can handle a lot, save for a table saw. 





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HELM did some sole searching

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Pictured above is the Dot Sole - peeled down off a boot so you can see the cutaway view. We've used this sole on all of our leather-soled boots since the beginning of US production. We liked it for a lot of reasons: it had a low profile which works for more formal settings, it had a rubber layer that made for a less slippery sole, it was flexible. There was one major reason we didn't like it however: It seemed to wear out fast for some of our customers. We started thinking about how the cowboy boots we all own (this IS Texas after all) have leather soles and they seem to take forever to wear out, even in the toughest conditions. As we are dedicated to producing a boot that is truly an investment, we started looking for a new sole to use. We talked to a source out in El Paso that uses Mexican hides to make their 11 iron leather soles. We also looked in Argentina where we ultimately decided on a 9 iron (thickness measurement) that is treated with a water resistant coating. The slimmer line plus the water resistance led us to choose the South American option - Beginning with this newest restock of Mullers and Sams. These boots should now provide you with more durability and longer wear. 

We had to give up a little in terms of flexibility but the new sole provides more traction, longer wear and sturdy craftsmanship while still maintaining the low profile that defines these styles. 


The good-looking new soles pictured above. 


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Father's Day is this Sunday

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It's that time of year again- time to tell the man who made you that he's a good dude. Hopefully he's a good dude because, well, you deserve it. Usually a good way to tell your dad you appreciate him is with some sort of gift: bacon, tools, whiskey or fine leather boots are all good ideas. HELM will be participating in Northern Grade  this weekend so you should absolutely come out for that if you are looking for something. The shindig will be going down at Fair Market (old TOPS warehouse on East 5th) on Saturday and Sunday and will be stellar. You'll definitely find a gift there for pops and probably a few for yourself. 

If you need more help deciding, the HELM staff handpicked some recommendations based on type of dad you may have. Do you have a Classic Dad? Stylish Dad? Outdoor Dad? See our picks below for each one. SIdenote: We also had a lot of fun naming types of dads (goth dad, robodad and sad dad were a few that didn't make the cut).

A lot of the products can be ordered on our site www.helmboots.com but you can also call the store 512-609-8150 if you see something that isn't featured on our website. We'd be happy to help you get the right gift for your dad this year. 




Field Trip: Dripping Springs Vodka Distillery

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Our Fourth Friday events at the store (Psst- We have one this Friday, the 25th, 6-8pm) have grown to be a consistently well-attended event at the store and we, in turn, are stepping up our beverage game. Last month we featured a punch with fresh juice from JuiceLand and vodka from Dripping Springs. It went well (read: super delicious) so we thought we should do it again this month. Ethan, our genius Studio Manager, contacted Dripping Springs and they graciously donated a case of their finest micro distilled, small batch, slow filtered, non GMO corn vodka made with pure, mineral rich artesian spring water from the Texas Hill Country. We made an afternoon of picking it up today - even stopping at Flores Tacos in Dripping Springs for lunch. Jen at DSV was super kind to take time out of her day and show us around the distillery. We commented that it was like the HELM Boots of Vodkas. Everything is small batch, handcrafted and takes time; There is a small dedicated family of staff and they are way more interested in producing a high quality product and sticking to their core values than in building a glitzy, flashy company. Take this for instance: Jen told us that to produce their Orange Vodka they use fresh oranges that they hand zest themselves - no artificial flavorings. On the days that they are zesting, the staff works through flats of the fruit by hand and the entire facility smells like oranges. How awesome is that? Jen gifted us a bottle and we plan on making a fair quantity of O-snaps this Summer (DSV Orange + Ginger Ale). 


Joshua checking out the handmade copper distilling tanks


The Railroad boots in the distilling room


The Dash Chestnut + Texas sun in the distilling room. 


Broc outside the bottling room in the Dash Chestnut


Dork tops belong only in Texas


Vodka ready to be consumed by us JKJKJK. Not ALL of it. 


Broc and Joshua: HELM studs


Empty bottles, ready to be filled. 


The Texas Hill Country land that the distillery is located on. 

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