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Who are you? 

 I am Michael A. Muller. I play music in a band called Balmorhea and take photos. I have some of my work showcased here and also keep a blog here. I love music and skateboarding and people.

What’s your favorite pair of shoes?

The constant shoe I always keep buying year after year are the Classic Core Vans. I usually get the blue but have sometimes swayed into white, grey and sometimes all-black depending on the mood and season.


It's hard to say no to them - especially when they get all soft and worn-in. They are inexpensive, go with everything, can dress up or down and will perhaps forever remain a staple and a classic. Over the years I've learned ways to customize them to make them personal. I always put in brown leather laces and upgraded insoles. A friend of mine will also put his on his roof when they're brand new and let the sun fade em out a little - a nice trick for those inclined to natural distressing.

Where did you get them?

Would you share something that’s happened to you while wearing those shoes?

I always get a fresh pair before a tour. So each pair represents a specific time. Many of them have trod far away from home as well as rolled around atop many a skateboard session.

What sign are you?




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WEEKLY ROUND-UP 10/16/2014

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+ WATCH: YASS Cat wants a treat. Yas. [Youtube]
+ READ: This article on Boing Boing exploring Prog-Rock as a genre - and as "the sound of history's future." [Boing Boing]
+ HEAR: Iceage's new record Plowing Into the Field of Love is a treat. [Spotify]
+ AGH: This base jumper leaping off a giant building into a swimming pool. [Youtube
+ HMMM&M: What say you about the Alexander Wang collection for H&M? [Vogue]
+ PLUS: We're at Stanley Korshak now if you're in Dallas! [Stanley Korshak]


FUN FUN FUN FEST - The HELM Boots Staff Chooses Their Must See Bands

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At the HELM Office and the HELM Store we listen to A LOT of music. All day. Every day. So music influences our work and our processes and our designs. And there are A LOT of music festivals in Austin, but the FUN FUN FUN FEST stands alone in it's originality and kinds of awesome bands and other acts it brings in. Therefor, some of the HELM Staff has picked their MUST SEE acts for this year. Read on, listen to the links and then share your top 4 Must See bands with us!



Honestly, best album of 2014 - I keep coming back to it and I'd love to see her live.

Death From Above 1979 

I'm so happy this band is back; MSTRKFT was great, but DFA1979 is the original goodness. 


Such a good band, such a great sound, such a good performance. 

Cities Aviv 

This album came out of nowhere for me and I think it's one of the most creative ones of the year - I can't define it sonically and I want to see him live. 




"Fantastic Planet" was in my CD player for years. Literally.

The Presets

I used to play them at my old shoe store in SF – so good. 

Rocket From the Crypt 

Pure nostalgia factor. “Are you stuck in the middle!!?!?”


Looking forward to seeing them live and seeing if his vocal makes it the whole show. Impressive.



The Blood Brothers

Reunited, and it will feel so good.

Gary Numan

One word. "Cars." 

Chelsea Wolfe

I've never had my hair blown back in such a subtle way.


Our Studio Manager, Ethan, introduced me to SOHN earlier this year, and I'm pretty sure I'll forever be indebted to him. 




The most unique and talented songwriters I have discovered

Modest Mouse

For years I listened on repeat to their smash hit "Float On" 

2 Chainz

I'll die a blood born hip-hop lover

City and Colour

What wedding in America has one of his songs NOT been in



Neutral Milk Hotel


Jonah Ray

The Octopus Project




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WEEKLY ROUND-UP 10/10/2014

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+ WATCH: Did you see the video Mashable came and took of us and our owner/CEO Joshua? It's even got some cute chickens (although, unfortunately, not in chicken-sized boots). [Mashable]
+ SEE: It's October, so get to Horror Moviein' stat! io9 has a great list for you to work through. [io9]
+ DO: Oktoberfests are happening! Personally, we can wait to go to the Liberty's event this coming Sunday. [Liberty Oktoberfest]
+ HEAR: We've been digging on that new Caribou LP. [Spotify]
+ WHAT : This might be old, ancient in internet years, but we will never get over the "spoopy/creppy" Halloween decorations. DOO~ [ Buzzfeed ]

Meet the Pete!

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It's Fall and that means a bit warmer dressing - it might not snow in Texas, but the weather is cooling off, allowing us to finally put on some long sleeve shirts.
Fall and Winter always seem like a great time for getting dressed up and going to parties - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.
In this spirit, we're introducing our dressiest style yet - the Pete. 
The Pete is modeled after a traditional derby shoe - it's on our most tapered last, for a much more dressed-up look. Its upper is composed of Chromexcel Black and contrasting bison leather, for an added bit of interest without shouting for attention. 
We shot the Pete on our friend Derrick, who was a terrific model, during an evening at Figure Eight Coffee Purveyors. 
The suits are Paul Marlow's (of Loden Dager) recently introduced line of custom Men's suiting under his own name. The shirts are made of gorgeous printed cotton and the pants and jacket fit perfectly and are made of fine wool and twill materials. We highly recommend them if you're looking for something original yet timeless for your next suit. 
We hope this Pete carries you through the holidays and that they're filled with friends, family and parties. With its durable leather dress sole and our signature white midsole, it's made to last a lifetime at our factory in Maine. 
To the Pete! 


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Mashable came by and took some gorgeous video of our design studio - they also followed Joshua around for the day.
Get to know some of our inspiration and driving forces, see our studio in action, and watch some adorable footage of chickens. 
Thanks for stopping by, Mashable! 


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Who are you?


My name is Paul Qui, I'm a chef and restauranteur in Austin Texas.  I own East Side King, a group of trucks and spaces that have fun with Asian street food.  I'm also the chef/owner at Qui restaurant on East 6th St.  

@pqui for both twitter and instagram


What’s you favorite pair of shoes?

This is a trick questions, because I love collecting all shoes, from sneakers to boots.



I love the new shoe smell.


Where did you get them?

All over the place, where ever I travel. 


Share something that’s happened to you while wearing those shoes?

I was breaking in my first ever pair of helm boots and was walking around Tokyo during the eclipse of 2012 and I ran into a lion, a penguin, chickens and some monkeys.  They were part of an experiment to see how they would react to the solar eclipse


What sign are you?


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