How often do I need to get my HELM Boots resoled? 
It depends on a lot of factors: wear conditions, your gait, your weight, weather conditions, leather sole, rubber sole... Resoles can happen as frequently as every 4 months to never. 
When is the best time to think about resoling my HELM Boots?
When the sole wears down considerably but before the wear goes into the midsole would be the best time. Once the wear goes into the midsole, reconstruction needs to occur which adds to the cost. 
Do I have to get my HELM boots resoled with you?
Definitely not! If you have a trusted cobbler in your hometown, all HELM Boots can be resoled by anyone with the skills and capability. 
What if I want to get my HELM boots resoled by you?
We would be more than happy to get the process started for you! To begin, please email State your name, telephone number, mailing address, shoe style, shoe size and type of sole you would like put on your shoe and we will issue you a RESOLE NUMBER. This number will be used to reference your order and should be saved for your records in case of problems or issues. PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to resole any of our past styles made in Turkey. 
What happens next?
After you have been issued a RESOLE NUMBER, either mail your boots to our offices or bring them by our flagship store at 900 E 6th Street. If you opt to mail them to us, we will provide you with our office address when we issue your RESOLE NUMBER.
How long does this take?
With mailing time, labor and lead times for any materials needed, HELM Boots take a minimum of 5 weeks to process - however, since our factory is very busy and sometimes has more production ahead of us, it can take up to 9 weeks. If we can get them back to you sooner than 5 weeks, we will certainly try our best, but 5 - 9 weeks is a safe estimate. In case of delay, HELM will contact you - however, HELM is not responsible for delays caused by shipping issues or by factory delays and will not issue a refund in the case of a delay unless there are extenuating circumstances.
Is there a benefit of using HELM?
Definitely! Since the factory that made your shoes originally is resoling them, you can rest assured that you will be getting the exact same materials put on your boots as when they were made originally. In addition, HELM can put any of the soles we currently offer onto any style (with the exception of the boat sole). 
What's the cost?
You have two options with HELM:
Premium Resoling package includes: re-soling your shoes with any sole of your choosing and replacing the sock liner.  Cost: 100.00 (includes shipping). 
Premium Refurbishing package includes: re-soling your shoes with any sole of your choosing,clean and re-finish the uppers, replacement of laces, and replacement of sockliners. In addition, on a pair of your handsewn boots (Abels and Donahues), we will remove the old plug - the part that covers your toes - and replace it with a new one. This means re-lasting and sewing the boots again. Cost: 150.00
Payment is due up front and is non-refundable.
Further questions? Feel free to email