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Profile: Barrett Alley

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People, we have been carrying the (made by hand in Dallas, TX) Barrett Alley wallets since May and you guys need to be more interested in them. We have both the Disciple Wallet and the Revelation Wallet at the HELM Store in Austin and they are just waiting to find a home with you. Our friend Taylor Welden did a Carryology Piece on Alley last year and he says it all in that article. We would try to do our own original blog piece but we would just be restating Taylor so go read his. Oh okay, we will give you a Cliff's Notes version below but only to tease you into reading Taylor's whole piece:

-Each piece is handsewn by either Alley or his wife. There's not a sewing machine nor any hired help in Alley's workshop.

-Each piece is hand numbered and Alley keeps meticulous track of every single piece he's ever sold. 

-Each piece that requires lining is lined with a museum-quality vintage textile.

-Alley is committed to crafting pieces that will last forever. Horween leathers and handsewing are his thing. 

-Alley has this piece of wisdom: “If you’re an artist in a novel place, doing novel things, you’ll be successful.  You’ll never be successful following the bread crumbs from someone else.”

-And here's the real kicker: The DESIGN of these things. They are so beautiful in their minimalism and functionality. There isn't a single thing present on any of his pieces that doesn't need to be there. 

You'll find more in Welden's article like what Alley got his degree in, just HOW meticulous he tends to be and all of the other things he is good at. Go on, read it And then support this Texas small businessman.

Wallets $95-$195 at the HELM Store. 

September 10, 2013 by HELM Handmade
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