Joshua Bingaman started HELM Boots in 2009 after wearing other brand's boots for most of his life. Born and raised in small town Oklahoma into a family that included ambulance drivers, mechanics, doctors and preachers, he has traveled all over the world and currently hangs his hat and his heart in Austin, Texas. He has played music in a band, roasted coffee, built houses in Honduras, imported kilims from Turkey, was a special-needs teacher, worked in the hardware store electrical department and owned several small businesses centered on footwear and coffee. Basically, Joshua is our model for the HELM Boots Man: He's got a diverse skill set, he loves adventure, he isn't afraid to work hard, he has a passion for the things he loves, he values friends and family deeply.

HELM Boots isn't a huge corporation. It's not a homogeneous conglomerate. We are a couple of people with a shared love of shoes, boots and their care who design modern boots in a small office on the East Side of Austin.

We couldn't do it without you, our HELM Boots Men: boyfriends, husbands, fathers, nephews, uncles, brothers and sons; electricians, carpenters, lawyers, IT guys, welders, mechanics, musicians, chefs, barbers, craftsmen and small business owners. You all embody the HELM Boots spirit and we want you to share your interpretation of that spirit with us.

Send us photos of yourself in your HELM Boots: or tag us @helmboots in your social media. We'll include your picture in this visual compilation of the HELM Boots Man.