A Holiday Weekend Edition of the Saturday Six

A Holiday Weekend Edition of the Saturday Six



Whether you're celebrating the holiday this weekend or just enjoying a quiet day at home, we pulled together six picks for this weekend that can easily be enjoyed from the comfort of home, with family and friends, or as part of some solo R&R.






It’s not even the workouts or yoga positions that we find hard to do. It’s finding the time and forming a routine to do them. DoYou is a free app that slowly builds small patterns into habits so that before you know it, you have a workout routine that’s enjoyable and easy for you and your schedule. They have a free 30 day yoga challenge along with articles on meditation, improving sleep and so much more. It’s never too late to start and beginning has never felt this easy for us.






When tomorrow comes around, many of us are going to have overflowing fridges and way too many leftovers. Last year we found this recipe that uses all those dishes we enjoyed today and combines them into one heck of a sandwich. Cranberry sauce, turkey, stuffing, even beets and brussels sprouts - after you try this you might even be looking forward to leftovers more than the original meal itself.



photo by Vipul Ramanuj



Created by NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, Project Noah is a platform for all nature enthusiasts with a wide range of interests and ages. Whether you're looking to learn more about the wildlife in your area, follow scientists or naturalists on the site, or you’re just looking to post your own photos from your nature walks, this platform is a community for people from all over the world who love to learn, explore and share their finds.






If you’re looking for a great series to binge today, ReMastered on Netflix is a great deep-dive. It explores the lives of music legends and strips away the conspiracies and sensationalism for a closer look at who they really were, sitting down with the people who lived alongside them. From Sam Cooke to Johnny Cash, DJ Jam Master Jay to Robert Johnson, start these early enough in the day and you’ll be finished with every episode in no time.



photo by Heather Wibbels




A few years back we tried one of these for the first time in Vermont. Flash-forward and here we are looking for an easy-to-create cocktail at home this weekend with whatever ingredients we might have around. With four easy ingredients (five if you add club soda) this bourbon jam cocktail is the perfect short-notice drink.

2oz bourbon
Teaspoon of blackberry jam

1 tablespoon lemon juice

Teaspoon of honey 

Shake and put over ice with a little club soda if you want to cut sweetness.






There’s a lot that Soles4Souls can do when you donate new (or gently used) footwear or clothing. Some donations go to disaster relief or ensuring that homeless youth have shoes on their feet. Others will go to helping individuals in developing countries build their own used retail businesses. Each donation ensures that there’s less waste and that those items that live in the back of our closet are put to good use, so why not give those unworn items to something greater?



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