We aren't just here to sell boots and shoes. We are in endless pursuit of impeccable design and unmistakable, life-defining experiences; the coolest places, the most delicious food, the perfect soundtrack for every moment, fascinating people, and the partners who share in our pursuit to find these. Our footwear is built to be worn and passed down.

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Stacks of leather


Quality & Craftsmanship

There are over 153 steps involved in making a pair of HELM footwear, performed by 14 master cobblers. We're relentless about craftsmanship and have spent years refining our process. Every pair reflects the dedication we have towards our craft and customers.

Our Approach is simple

Footwear for Life

Everything we make is inspired by a story and a place. We want our footwear to be as long-lasting as the culture that inspired it, and we combine timeless construction methods with premium leather and materials to create footwear built with a purpose, and shoes made to endure the years, for people who take care of them. HELM footwear is meant to be worn for life.

Our commitment to

The HELM Family

We want every HELM purchase to be deeply meaningful to each customer, and our commitment to excellence lasts beyond checkout. We are here to serve you with unparalleled customer service and inspire you with tailored customer experiences, and with the things we share, like our iconic, weekly Saturday Six.

  • Back in 2009, we sold our first pair of boots. They were straightforward and built to last. Since then, we've spent every day perfecting modern men's footwear.

  • Our goal since day one has been to create footwear that is versatile, timeless, and functional — able to be worn in the workshop or boardroom.

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Our Signature White Midsole.

A mid-layer of rubber substrate provides additional support and is a key identifier of a genuine pair of HELM boots. We originally started with an all-white rubber sole which led to the idea of adding an additional layer of leather underneath. What started as a small piece of support has evolved into an iconic part of who we are.