Resole Program


For our styles that are made in the USA (excluding the Pablo) we offer the option to resole your boots using any of the soles we currently offer on our styles, so not just the sole that was originally on the boot.  All resoles are sent back to the factory, so not only will they use original materials, the process will be completed by someone who knows the boots inside and out. With our uppers being built to last, replacing the sole will prolong the life of your boots, making it possible for you to continue wearing them for many years to come. 



  1. The first step is to email us at You can copy and paste the items below to make sure you include all the info needed:


Phone Number:

Mailing Address:

Shoe Style:


Type of Sole You Would Like:

PLEASE NOTE : Please remove all shoe trees, orthotics, insoles, specialty laces or any other items you want to keep from your boots before sending them in for resoling.

You can also specify whether you would like a Premium Resole or a Premium Refurbish, which you can read more about below under the COST section.

If you have any questions about the resole process or sole options, you can also let us know in the email you send.

The next step is to mail your boots to our office or bring them by our flagship store at 1200 East 11th St. If you opt to mail them to us, we will provide you with our office address when you email us your resole information. You can also write your name on a slip of paper and place it in the box if your name and address are not clearly displayed on the outside of the box or if you are shipping from a different location than what you specified in the resole email.


All payments must be made before we can send them to the factory to continue the resole process. If you are dropping them off in person at the store, a store associate can ring you up at that time. If you are shipping them to the office, we will have a store associate reach out to you over the phone to process the payment. All resole payments are non-refundable.


We offer two options for resoling:


Cost: 100.00 

The Premium Resoling package includes re-soling your shoes with any sole of your choosing and replacing the sock liner and laces.  



Cost: 150.00

Premium Refurbishing package includes re-soling your shoes with any sole of your choosing, cleaning and re-finishing the uppers, replacement of laces, and replacement of sock liners. In addition, on any of the hand sewn boots (Abel’s and Donahues), we will remove the old plug - the part that covers your toes - and replace it with a new one. This means re-lasting and sewing the boots again. 



With mailing time, labor and lead times for any materials needed, resoles take a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks to process. However, since our factory is very busy and sometimes has more production ahead of us, it can take up to 9 weeks.  In the case of a delay we will contact you - however, we are not responsible for delays caused by shipping issues or by factory delays and will not issue a refund in any of these situations unless there are extenuating circumstances.

If you have any further questions at all, check the FAQ listed below or email us at and we will answer within 48 hours.


When is the best time to think about resoling my HELM Boots?

When the sole wears down considerably but before the wear goes into the midsole. Once the wear goes into the midsole, reconstruction needs to occur which adds to the cost. 


How often do I need to get my HELM Boots resoled? 

It depends on a lot of factors: wear conditions, your gait, weather conditions, leather sole, rubber sole, etc. Resoles can happen as frequently as every 4 months to never. 


Do I have to get my HELM boots resoled with you?

If you have a trusted cobbler in your hometown, all HELM Boots can be resoled by anyone with the skills and capability to do so.


What are the benefits to having the factory do the resole?

Since the factory manufactured the styles, they know all of the details that went into creating them. They also will be using the same materials, such as the white midsole, natural edged finish and leather layers of the sole. This will ensure that the finished product will still look like a HELM product down to every last detail, whereas a cobbler will not have all of the same materials that we source and use. 


How do I know if I need a Premium Resole or a Premium Refurbish?

That is all personal preference. If you prefer to condition and clean your uppers with a product you already own, then a Premium Resole will be perfect. If you would like us to give some new life to the uppers and add moisture to the leather, then we would suggest a Premium Refurbish.


What is the main difference between the sole options?

Leather soles are softer than rubber soles. If you expect to wear your leather-soled HELM every day then we estimate a sole life of 4-6 months. You can extend sole life by rotating the days you wear them and using shoe trees when you are not wearing them. If you want a boot that wears longer, then we recommend a rubber sole or a leather sole with a protective layer of rubber such as the Fineline. 


I have one of the original styles from Istanbul. Can I get them resoled?

Unfortunately, our factory cannot resole the styles that they did not manufacture, but a trusted cobbler in your area should be able to complete this process for you.


I am not sure which sole would be best. How do I choose?

Although we ultimately cannot make the decision for you, we can help narrow down the options and answer any questions you may have about which sole may be best for your area or activities. Just email us and give us details about what you do in them or where you wear them most and we can help to suggest some sole options that may work best. 


What are the shipping costs?

The only shipping cost for you is to send them to us. We cover the cost of shipping them to and from the factory as well as shipping them back to you when they are completed. We will always reach out to let you know that they are on their way back to you and provide you with a tracking number for your package.