Frequently Asked Questions

Can HELM be resoled?

Yes they can and you have the ability to resole with any of the 5 different soles that we offer. Please check out our Resole Program here for more information as well as starting the process on your resole

How do your boots fit compared to other boots or running shoes?

Our boots are sized using the Brannock system (the sizing device found in most shoe stores). Most of our boots run similar in size compared to other leather boot and shoe brands. If your foot is measured to be a size 9 on a Brannock device, you will wear a size 9 or 8.5 in HELM depending on the style. Running shoes and sneakers tend to be sized a bit bigger than boots so we suggest sizing down a 1/2 to a full size down from your sneaker size. We wrote an in depth guide to sizing here to help! We also offer free exchanges for un-worn boots so that you are able to find your perfect fit.

I am a woman and want to wear HELM. What size should I order?

Although we do not have any boots sized specifically for women, we have started expanding our size range down to a men's size 6 to accommodate more sizes across the board. We suggest sizing down 1 1/2 sizes from your normal shoe size. If you are women's size 8 1/2 then we suggest ordering a HELM size 7. 

What is the best way to maintain my boots?

Please see our Maintenance section on the website which details the best ways to protect and keep your boots in good health all year long.

What happens if I spill something on my boots? What can I do? 

Boots can receive some of the hardest wear and tear out of all the things we own. Your best bet is to protect your boots with a boot wax before the stains or spills occur. If your boots need to be cleaned, many water-based stains can be treated with saddle soap. When using saddle soap, we advise removing your laces and treating the entire boot as the soap can change the color of the leather. For oil based stains, we would suggest taking your boots to a local cobbler in your area.  For light color or teak color boots, we also suggest working with your local cobbler. They can usually touch up or color match boots. If all else fails, don't fret because your boots are still in good working order. Add some polish and a fresh set of laces and embraces the unique story of your boot's journey. 

I work in a wood shop/welding shop/machine shop/the forest. Can I wear these to work?

Yes, you can certainly work in our boots, but do note that they aren’t built with steel toes, reinforced stitching, or other essentials that are needed to make them OSHA rated. We design our boots to be used both professionally and casually and our customers send us photos of themselves using them for a wide range of things. Any heavy labor or construction work in our boots will certainly speed up time needed in between resoles or repairs.

I ride a motorcycle or like to skateboard in my HELM. What can I expect?

We love our motorcycle and skateboard HELM customers! It is up to you what you do in our boots but motorcycle riding and skateboarding will certainly speed up the time needed in between resoles. Our boots are designed for a variety of activities but are not reinforced for extreme street use. 

I see your boots are designed in Austin but where are they made?

We began making our boots in Istanbul, Turkey in 2009. By 2012, as our production needs and design influence changed, we partnered with manufacturers in Maine and Arkansas who could execute that vision. Now, as we continue to innovate our styles and increase our production, we’ve partnered with an additional family-owned factory in Brazil with a 35-year history of handcrafting boots, to bring a portion of our new styles into the lineup.

I don’t live in the US. Can you ship to me internationally?

Yes, we ship to many countries all around the world! We ship internationally via USPS at a flat rate of $60 USD. Your boots can take up to 4 weeks to arrive depending on the service in your area. Please note that you are responsible for all import duties and import taxes that may apply. We unfortunately have no control over these taxes as each country sets their own rules and laws to be paid by the importer. You can find more information about the estimated import costs here. To place an order to be shipped in Mexico, please call us at 512-609-8150 

Can you estimate shipping for me?

Domestic Shipping via USPS Priority Mail is free on all orders over $50.00. USPS Priority Mail usually takes 4-6 days to arrive from the date delivered to the post office. For expedited orders, you can use this link from FedEx and see approximately how much it will cost to ship to your location. The shipping weight is 6 pounds. We also suggest adding the items you wish to order to your cart along with your shipping address to see the most accurate list of available shipping options and costs.

When do you process my order?

In most cases, orders ship from our warehouse within 2-4 business days. For expedited orders, if you place your order after 1pm CST or on the weekend, your order will ship the next business day. Please note, your order will not ship until payment for the order has cleared.

Can I get a custom boot?

We unfortunately are not able to take on custom orders at this time. We can however customize any sole on our boots via Resole Program. For every Helm boot, we offer the opportunity to re-sole your boot at any time. Some people opt to resole their boots with their original purchase while others wait until they wear through the current sole. All boots arrive to us already completed as you see them on our website. 

I read that HELM constructs boots with Blake Rapid Stitch welting. What does that mean?

Blake Rapid Stitch, or what we call a Blake Welt Stitch, means we stitch the midsole through the innersole and then use a rapid machine to stitch an outsole to the midsole on the outside edge. The same machine and similar process is used when constructing with a Goodyear Welt, which requires the addition of a welt to apply the boot upper to the sole. Both methods are water resistant. Water might get in if you submerge your foot, however it will not get in just by walking in the rain or through puddles.  For more information, please refer to Boots 101 on the website.

I've owned a pair of HELM for 2 years and I have an issue with them. What do I do?

Boots are made to be worn and with that wear there are some expected repairs. When small issues related to wear occur, we recommend taking your HELM to a trusted cobbler who can aid you. If an issue - big or small -  occurs within the first two months of ownership, please contact us at and let us know so we can assess whether it is a wear-related issue or a quality control issue. Please tell us the date of purchase and attach a picture of the issue.

I have a pair of boots with a waxed canvas panel that has begun to show some marks on it. What do I do?

This is a characteristic of wear and most people think it adds character. If it is something that displeases you, you may try rubbing the canvas area with some Otter Wax to darken the entire panel.