A Quick Chat with Kyle Emerson

A Quick Chat with Kyle Emerson

Denver photographer, Ryan Scheer, recently took photos of Kyle Emerson, an LA based musician who also can be seen sporting a pair of the Zind Brown. Not only did we sit down and get an awesome interview in with Kyle, but he also made a playlist of songsthat influenced his latest album, Only Coming Down. His music is amazing and the playlist is one we have on repeat, so it only made sense to introduce you to him!



What's Your Name and Where Are You From?
My name is Kyle Emerson and I was born just south of Detroit in northwest Ohio. I spent a lot of time in Denver the past few years and currently live in Los Angeles. 

How Long Have You Been Playing Music and Who Are Some of Your Top Musical Influences?
I started playing instruments around the house as early as I can remember, but I really dug into the guitar around 12 years old. I love songwriters like Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, and Tom Petty but some of my favorites currently are Big Thief, Julia Jacklin, and Mdou Moctar. 



In Addition to Music, It Seems Like You Also Have a Passion For Style. How Would You Describe Yours?
I like simple combinations, both in color and garment style. A solid white or black t-shirt with jeans and a lightweight jacket can get you pretty far. 

What Drew You to the Zind Brown Boot?
I love the hi-top look and feel as well as the sleek side profile. From the build to the textures of the leather and laces, it’s all so timeless to me. 



What Has Been One Of Your Favorite Moments So Far in Your Zinds?
I played UMS 2019 on the big outdoor stage in them which was a blast. I have also walked countless miles of late nights in LA exploring the city. 


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