A Special Albuquerque Edition of the Saturday Six

A Special Albuquerque Edition of the Saturday Six

Our Saturday Six creator, Amelia Zind, recently drove to Durango, CO (more on that in a later edition), stopping in Albuquerque, NM for two days on the way. If you ever happen to find yourself in the Duke City, or maybe you're looking for a great stop along a pretty long stretch of drive through the desert, here are just a few of the places you'll want to check out while you're there. 




 "If you're visiting with a group of people and looking for a great place to grab food or drinks for a wide range of diets or interests, Sawmill Market is the perfect option. 27 merchants are set up in a restored sawmill and offer everything from wine, tacos, BBQ, pastries, pizza, and ice cream....you name it, it's there. For a more laid-back atmosphere but still with multiple options to choose from, Green Jeans is a great spot to stop in, grab a coffee, cocktail or beer, and sit by the fire or play some shuffleboard. I'm still thinking about the vegetarian version of the Divine Intervention Burger from Rustic on the Green."


 "On the first night we were looking for a spot to enjoy a cocktail after 9 hours in the car. Someone suggested Still Spirits, and I'm so glad they did. A cozy spot reminiscent of my favorite hangouts back in Brooklyn, they distill their own spirits and serve up unique, craft cocktails in a space that's perfect for a laid-back meetup with friends. Looking to be a bit more adventurous? Take the tram (or hike) up to Ten 3 for a drink at the top of Sandia Peak. A cocktail or glass of wine against that view really can't be beat."


 "Vintage shoppers, this is your city. With so many places here to thrift, it was hard to narrow it down, and that doesn't even include the vintage furniture shops. For those of us who have to really be in the mood to dig through a rack, these two offer to do the digging for you. Avengers Vintage is full of one amazing find after another, with fashion from the 20s onward. Frock Star is just as equally packed with gems that gave me closet envy from the second I walked in. I definitely drove home with a bit less room in the car, but it was well worth it."


 "One of the first things I look up when I get to a city are the bookstores. I spent an entire afternoon exploring Albuquerque's, and Downtown Books and Organic Books were easily my favorites. DB is floor-to-ceiling used books, filling an old house and staffed by incredibly friendly fellow book lovers. OB is over in Nob Hill, family-owned, and offers up new and used titles while also supporting local authors. You can't go wrong with either, but then again, why not stop by both?"


 "This city isn't short on great coffee shops, but (unlike bookstores) I can only handle so much caffeine in a day. The first morning there, I stopped by Remedy Coffee and was greeted by a knowledgeable and welcoming barista. I ended up sticking around to enjoy their enclosed patio and soak up a bit of sunshine while I woke up. Before leaving on my last morning, I went to the Little Bear location in Nob Hill for an excellent cup of drip. Trendy and approachable, it also had a dog-friendly outdoor patio, perfect for my four-legged copilot to stretch out before getting back on the road."


 "For a beautiful piece of art, jewelry or home decor, there are two spots that make it easy to find something perfect for you or anyone you're shopping for. Spur Line Supply Co. is a lifestyle shop selling the work of local artists along with quality wares from small-batch creatives around the country. Separate rooms and areas are dedicated to each specific artist, making it feel like a museum that you can take home with you. & Stuff Collective is right next to Little Bear in Nob Hill, featuring over 20 local vendors and selling everything from plants to clothing to men's grooming to stationary and more. Both are worth seeing even if you just pop in to browse, but good luck leaving empty-handed."

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