A Special Durango Edition of the Saturday Six

A Special Durango Edition of the Saturday Six

Back in April our Saturday Six creator, Amelia Zind, featured her picks for Albuquerque during a trip out to Durango, CO to visit family. As the temps start to rise and we head into more comfortable outdoor weather, we thought it was the perfect time to feature her favorite spots for the picturesque southwestern Colorado town. 

DRINK (AND EAT) | Taste Coffee & Bread Bakery

"Spending a week in Durango and having my dog in tow meant I immediately started trying out every coffee shop on our morning walks. One of my absolute favorites was Taste. Their 11th St. location is in an old filling station, and Backcountry Gourmet out front served up an amazing veggie burrito. Their East 2nd Ave. location made it impossible to decided which of the two was my favorite, with a beautiful space, a perfect Americano, and delicious tacos from Cuevas out back. Just within walking distance (everything kind of is in Durango) was Bread, offering up pastries and loaves made in-house. It's a great spot to grab something warm and freshly baked or a sweet treat for later."

BROWSE | Maria's Bookshop & 2nd Story Books

"I can't resist exploring a new bookstore, and my brother suggested Maria's, a locally owned spot on Main Ave. An incredible selection of books housed inside a 100+ year old building downtown, it's dog friendly, kid friendly (with an entire toy and game section), and really just friendly all around, with a staff that makes you feel like you're a regular the first time you step inside.  Just a few doors down is Second Story Books, a secret hideaway where you can find used books and rare volumes. Great for browsing if you like to discover titles and authors you've never heard of before. "

TREAT YOURSELF | Animas Chocolate Company

"I stepped in here to quickly grab some treats for my nieces and I'm so happy I did. Small-batch, artisanal chocolatiers that are passionate about everything they do, Animas creates beautiful truffles and chocolates that taste as good as they look. Moments after coming in we were treated to a sample of their hot chocolate (yes, we ended up buying a cup to go and our own mix to bring back to Austin), along with samples of their different sweets and a peek behind the scenes where everything is made. We grabbed some of their stamped chocolates for the kids, a few treats for our cat sitter back home, and obviously something for ourselves."

SHOP | Dryside Supply Co.

"I passed this spot on my first morning there and knew I needed to make it a priority to stop in when I walked back by. Just at first glance it's a beautifully curated lifestyle boutique, but after stepping through the doors it became so much more. The owner, Jake, felt like a friend we just hadn't seen in a while, immediately making us feel comfortable and falling into conversation about Colorado and Austin (where he lived for a time) and his new puppy. We browsed as we chatted and found out about the online shop that offers up an even wider selection of goods that we didn't see at the brick and mortar. So good news is you can shop them from anywhere. Bad news is you won't get to meet Jake, so you'll just have to head to Durango and say hi."

photo by anthony damato

RIDE | Narrow Gauge Railroad

"I've made the trip to from Durango to Silverton by car before, but something about being able to sit back and enjoy the view without navigating a winding road was irresistible. The Narrow Gauge Railroad has different trips to choose from, with an option to head up to Silverton along the Horseshoe Curve, High Bridge and Animas River Gorge. Explore the historic town when you get to the top, check out their shops and distilleries, and then sit back and enjoy the trip back. Looking for stunning sights that are completely inaccessible by car? They also have a Cascade Canyon Expressroute for 5 hours of breathtaking scenery that can be taken in while you enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail in your seat."

WALK, BIKE OR HIKE | Animas Mountain Trail & Colorado Trail

"No matter the season, Durango has so much in the way of outdoor activity. Whether you go by land or by water, hike, bike, climb, or take a leisurely stroll, there's something for everyone. It's hard to choose a favorite, but Animas Mountain Trail offers a great option for any time of day (or year). This six mile loop is great for biking, walking or hiking, and at night it offers up a clear view of the night sky for stargazers. For a longer trek, head to the Colorado Trail, spanning from Durango to Denver and crossing mountain ranges, national forests, rivers, and wide open wilderness. If you love exploring the outdoors, Durango needs to be your next trip. Be sure to bring your camera."

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