A Special Edition of the Saturday Six

A Special Edition of the Saturday Six

Here at HELM, attention to detail and dedication to traditions is something we hold in high regard, and at Rabbit Hole Distillery, a glass of bourbon isn't just an experience in world-class flavor. It's a practice in sustainability; of methods that have been used for thousands of years and they improve upon daily. That's why we're excited to have them take over our Saturday Six this week, as a brand we respect and admire for their devotion and ingenuity. Each bottle holds history, made for raising a glass to the future, and this week we're excited to toast to that.




WATCH | There's No Going Back


Greatness isn’t a matter of fate, it’s a choice. A choice that requires commitment. You have to go all in. That truth is captured in the Rabbit Hole Slogan — There’s No Going Back — and celebrated in our new series of short films by the same name. Each film is a raw, intimate portrait of an exceptional artist, designer, musician or entrepreneur. Unscripted and personal, these films go deep past public personas to expose the underlying humanity shared by us all. Let them inspire you to look past your doubts and fears and go after your dreams. Be warned, though. Once you make that choice, There’s No Going Back.




DRINK | Heigold


This Kentucky Straight Bourbon with a high-rye mash bill gives new meaning to the term “creative spirit.” Named after an immigrant German stone cutter from the 1800’s,  Heigold combines the best of traditional and modern whiskey-making techniques into an exquisite, drinkable masterpiece. It features subtly sweet flavors of brown sugar, vanilla and butterscotch gently balanced by a warm peppery finish.  One sip will forever change how you define great bourbon.




LISTEN | There's No Going Back by Ethan Burns


If you want the perfect song. Find the perfect artist. We found Ethan Burns. The slow, smooth rasp of Ethan’s vocals hit the same emotional notes as a fine bourbon. Perfect. Ethan’s song There’s No Going Back is perfect, too. The gritty, soulful ballad captures the mix of pain, elation struggle and surrender that is living one’s passion. The perfect score for the Rabbit Hole film series that inspired it.




EXPERIENCE | Private Virtual Tastings


Sit back and enjoy a Private Virtual Tasting live from Overlook, Rabbit Hole’s awe-inspiring cocktail bar that boasts one of the best views in Louisville.  Each package includes a private tasting with a Rabbit Hole Distillery tour guide. You’ll learn how each whiskey in your package was formulated, barreled and aged, and to appreciate the unique flavors and finish created by that process. This package includes all three of Rabbit Hole’s award-winning bourbons and a tasting mat to guide you through your journey.




EAT | James Beard Foundation


Rabbit Hole is the official American Whiskey, Bourbon and Gin of the James Beard Foundation Taste America Tour; a foundation whose very existence is to push the advancements of culinary exploration and bring it to the forefront of modern culture. Our goal is to be pioneers in the art of drink pairing; working to make American Whiskey not only commonplace but desired in every culinary experience. Find exquisite pairings here and recipes from the country’s most talented Chefs here. And now that you’ve ventured into this rabbit hole, why not go deeper by getting to know what makes these Chefs tick. This film series goes beyond the plate to learn something we may have never otherwise known about the individual. And we end with a call to celebrate - as we Raise a Glass to the lesser-known passions that shape the person they are today.




LEARN | Rabbit Hole Founder's Story


When Kaveh Zamarian set out to create the next great bourbon, he knew it would take everything he had. There could be no room for doubt. No second guessing. He had to go all in. That’s why Kaveh named his bourbon Rabbit Hole, and why our slogan is There’s No Going Back. It is a reminder to keep moving forward and diggaing deeper. To pursue our passions with both commitment and courage. Greatness isn’t destiny, it’s a choice. We raise a glass to those who make it.

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