A Special Edition of the Saturday Six

A Special Edition of the Saturday Six

Ways to connect, ways to give back and ways to give thanks. The Saturday Six this week highlights just a few of the ways that we can work to bring ourselves closer together during a time when it's easy to feel so far apart. 

WATCH | 'The Brotherhood' of Football

We all know that playing sports allows us to create a close knit unit among people we play and practice with regularly, but the camaraderie can go much further than just your own team. This short documentary from ESPN is the story of Alex Ruiz, a quarterback for his high school football team in California. In 2017 he suffered an injury during a game that changed the course of his life as he saw it, and showed him how the sport he loved could be as unifying as it can be tragic. Narrated by Saints QB, Drew Brees, this a story for sports fans and non-fans alike. 

READ | The Thank You Letter

The charming kids book by Jane Cabrera tells the story of Grace, a young girl who has a birthday party and sits down to write out a series of thank you notes. This act of gratitude quickly turns into a way for her to show how much she appreciates those around her and throughout her town (including some animals). With its pages full of fun and colorful artwork and a message that conveys how good it can feel to give recognition and appreciation just for the little things, The Thank You Letter is a great addition to any bookshelf. 

LISTEN | Hidden Brain: Laughter

Hidden Brain is a podcast that explores the parts of our minds and the patterns in our behavior that we may not often think twice about. The often overlooked pieces of our lives that shape so much of who we are and how we interact with the world around us. They recently revisited an older episode that explores our response to the outward emotions that others exhibit, how contagious these verbal cues can be, and the power of a good laugh. They even dive into how animals laugh with each other - yes, you heard that right. Give it a listen and you might be surprised what you learn about a giggle, a chuckle and an all out howl of laughter.

COOK | My Family Recipe by Food52

Food has always been a great way to connect with people throughout our lives and is a different way for us to communicate when we just can't find the right words. This list entitled My Family Recipe by Food52 is about more than just the ingredients that go into our favorite dishes. It's about tradition, connection, and the food that brings us together. From Russian Pie "for when words are not enough," to a Sunday Sauce that touches on a story of loss and grief, and even the power of a Tortilla Egg dish; whether you make the food or just read the articles, you're sure to find something to relate to in their stories, and possibly some much-needed comfort in these recipes.

BUILD | Little Free Library

You've probably seen them around your neighborhood - a little free library for anyone to donate to or benefit from. An easy way for every community to have  access to literature, they offer free building plans and blueprints to make your own at home. Whether you make it as a family project or are making one on your own to flex your DIY abilities, it's a great way to make sure the joy of reading is widespread and to be part of a movement that ensures literature is available for those around us. 

SUPPORT | Habitat For Humanity

The stability and safety of shelter is more important than ever for many families and for many more it feels even further out of reach. Habitat for Humanity is a way for us to work towards ensuring that everyone has a place to call home. Whether you're donating time, money or resources to your local ReStore, there are multiple ways to be part of an organization that provides affordable housing across all 50 states and throughout 70 countries. 

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