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A Special Edition of the Saturday Six From OSD



A Special Edition of the Saturday Six From OSD




America's Veteran Support Ecosystem™, OSD enhances lives through community engagement.  They've enabled over 1,500,000 veterans, active-military and their family members to thrive through award-winning programs that emphasize Social Connectivity, Professional Development and Community Service. We're beyond honored that they said yes and are hosting one of our weekly emails, creating their very own special edition of the Saturday Six.


In Flanders Fields’ is a war poem written by First World War Canadian Lieutenant-Colonel, John McCrae. McCrae writes of the Poppies we now recognize as a symbol for soldiers who have died in combat, and specifically for Memorial Day. 


Colonel Boyd is one of the most profound thinkers regarding warfare, but his impact reaches far beyond the battlefield. Boyd posed the theory of the OODA Loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) which permeates boardrooms and athletic training facilities around the globe. Coram’s book reveals where it all began and paints an intriguing picture of an Air Force Colonel, hell-bent on improving an archaic institution.


Rogan’s intellectually honest approach, diverse topics and spectrum of guests make his podcast one of the best available. Starting in the fall, JRE will be exclusively on Spotify. In the meantime, check out the back catalog with awesome episodes like the one with Elon Musk (#1169).


Due to COVID19, OSD’s flagship Supply Drop™ program has record breaking demand. The pandemic has caused 6 month deployment extensions at a time when recreation centers and USO facilities are closed. Furthermore, Reserves and Guard that have activated here at home are asking for OSD’s help with the same for their medical corps. Supply Drops include video games, tabletop games, coffee and fitness items with each “drop” impacting over 250 troops. Learn more and give.


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Did ‘The Last Dance’ rekindle your love for Michael Jordan? There are hundreds of different versions and retro releases of Nike’s Jordan Sneaker designs, and the J23 App helps track releases as well as sales on Jordan kicks and apparel across numerous online retailers. Whether you’re looking for the coffee colored Travis Scott Edition Jordan 1s or a fresh pair of Jordan 13s, J23 has you covered. Make it happen.



Many folks have played great titles like Quiplash and Drawful, but these only scratch the surface of the dozens of party pack games loved by millions. These are the quintessential social games and all are easy to play remotely, whether it’s due to distance or pandemic lockdown. There are also plenty of articles on how to set up and play via Zoom, Facebook Live and similar platforms. To top it off, you can’t beat the cost, with many of the party packs under $30 and available on every hardware platform imaginable.