Summer Style with The Wilson Sienna

Ask Alyssa Anything: Summer Edition

Alyssa is our Customer Experience Manager, and if you've interacted with her, you know she's a wealth of knowledge, she works fast, and her desire to see a happy customer knows no bounds. We asked her to round up some of the most frequently asked questions related to summer styles and care.

Use Shoe Trees to Combat Moisture & Odor

It’s common for your shoes and boots to retain more moisture during the hot, summer months - especially the more you wear them. Moisture build up over time can also cause excess odor. Using cedar shoe trees will help to draw moisture out of your shoes, and in turn will help combat odor. When using them, open your laces all the way up and store in a dry, cool place away from sunlight. We offer shoe trees here, which are available in sizes S-XL. Be sure to select your proper size before adding to cart!

Shoe Tree Size Guide:

  • Small - Up to Men’s size 8
  • Medium - Up to Men’s size 10
  • Large - Up to Men’s size 12
  • X-Large - Up to Men’s size 14

Slip Right In: How to Get The Right Fit In Your Wilsons

The Wilsons Loafers are our first lace-less shoe and perfect for summer. Getting your size right can be tricky, especially if converting over from lace-up boots and shoes. Since you can’t tighten them to your feet with laces, there are certain fit tricks you want to look out for when trying them on.

Right out of the box, you want 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch of space from the front of your toes to the front of the shoe. If you have any more or less than that, you may want to try another size. You do not want any heel slippage in the back of the shoes. The Wilsons should feel “comfortably snug” out of the box, as they will stretch out in the toe box during the break in process. If you are feeling a minimal pressure on your toes, that is okay. If your toes are crowding or sitting on top of each other, that is not okay.

*TLDR: Most first-time HELM customers size down about a half to full size in The Wilson. Some returning customers size down a half size from their typical HELM sizing, while others are their usual HELM size. The best way to find out is to try them on at home. Be sure to confirm they are a good fit before wearing them out.

Break In Giving You A Hard Time?

We know breaking in your shoes isn’t always fun. Discomfort just out of the box is a possibility. If you’re experiencing this, here are some steps you can take. We recommend using leather conditioner to soften the leather. You can do this both on the inside and outside of the shoe which should really help to loosen the leather a bit and make it more comfortable. Pay extra attention to the areas causing you the most pain. Everyone and every fit is different, but you may find this to be at your ankles, or in the toe box right where the laces start. Make sure to let them dry for 48 hours before you wear them again. The main idea is that the more you wear them, the more they will break in. This can be a process, so wear them for short periods of times the first few times you take them out. Wearing thicker socks will also help. Do this indoors if summer heat in your area isn't as friendly for thicker pairs of socks.

Summer: Suede's Time to Shine

Suede styles are the perfect warm weather, summer option. Typically lighter-weight and more flexible than our other leathers, suede provides some relief for your feet while the sun is beating down on you. To put it simply, they are just more breathable. Summer months tend to be drier which means your suede styles are safer from the elements. Water and moisture can damage your suede, especially if left unprotected. In case you missed it, we just released two of our low-top styles in our favorite Sienna Suede in time for summer. Check out The Wilson Sienna and The Evans Sienna. Bonus: The Sienna suede is waxed and pre-treated to be water-resistant, just in case you get caught in the sprinkler, or summer days have you poolside.

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