Ask Zach: Your Questions Answered

Ask Zach: Your Questions Answered


Over the years you've asked a lot of different questions, and we've loved reading the wide range of them while getting to know you a bit better along the way. If you've reached out more recently then you've had a chance to talk to Zach, our Customer Experience Manager. He knows boots and shoes, going from HELM customer to HELM team member and now the go-to guy for any issues or questions.


This week kicks off our second edition of #AskZachAnything. Your most frequent or interesting questions answered.



 I need to break in my new HELM to wear for an event. Is there anything I can do to speed up the process?

Break-ins can take about 3-4 wears before you start noticing a difference. The good news is that your footwear will start softening up from the first time you put them on. We've found that shoe oil helps to speed up the break-in process quite a bit. Applying shoe oil to the inside of the boot or shoe, especially the front toe area and under the tongue, tends to help. You can repeat conditioning as often as needed and the oil should soak in a bit deeper than a leather conditioner.
My boots got wet in the snow. Will this damage the leather? Do I need any leather care products?

Our hides are hot-stuffed with waxes and oils as part of the tanning process. All of our boots and shoes are Blake Rapid stitched which makes them fairly water-resistant but not waterproof. Many of our customers who live in rainy or snowy climates will give their pairs additional weather protection by adding Otterwax Boot Wax to leather and along the seams. A walk through the snow or a splash in the rain should not damage your boots. The main thing you want to keep in mind though is to always allow your boots proper time to dry. Wipe them down with a clean cloth when you return home. For additional tips, check our boot maintenance page here.



What kind of socks should I wear with my HELM?


Ah, the great sock debate. It's always important to try on new boots with the type of sock you plan on wearing most frequently. The difference between half sizes in shoes is only 1/8", but every centimeter counts when it comes to optimizing your fit. If you find yourself in humid climates or tend to sweat, investing in a technical yarn sock can be a game-changer in keeping your feet dry and comfy. We personally love our HELM socks. We had a lot of creative meetings to ensure they were the best all-season socks, adding extra padding in the footbed specifically for increased comfort in boots.




Zach's Product Pick
"I love wearing my Cole Wheats right now. They are so easy to lace up and go for a walk in the neighborhood that I find myself reaching for them often."

Have a question for Zach? Ask him anything and keep an eye out for questions to be featured in future emails.

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