Ask Zach: Your Questions Answered

Ask Zach: Your Questions Answered

Over the years you've asked a lot of different questions, and we've loved reading the wide range of them while getting to know you a bit better along the way. If you've reached out more recently then you've had a chance to talk to Zach, our Customer Experience Manager. He knows boots and shoes, going from HELM customer to HELM team member and now the go-to guy for any issues or questions.


This week kicks off our third edition of #AskZachAnything. Your most frequent or interesting questions answered below:


Help! My dog chewed up my boots. Is there any salvaging them?

If there is one thing we have learned over the years, it is that puppies love leather boots. The goods news is that you’d be amazed what a great cobbler can fix. We’ve seen some wild restorations in our day. In Austin, Noel at Texas Custom Boots is our guy. We recommend seeking out a local cobbler in your area that does custom work. Any well reviewed shoemaker will be able to offer some creative solutions. You might even wind up with a fresh design that’s better than the original.

I wear custom orthotics in all my shoes. Are your insoles removable? 

Our boots have minimal insoles that are removable. The insoles are glued in so it takes a little bit of work to remove them but a cobbler can assist you with this step as well. Many of our customers wear orthotics and some size up a 1/2 size in our boots and add the orthotics on top of the insole. It all just depends on your specific inserts and comfort level.


What is the best HELM sole to wear on a motorcycle? I’m worried about damaging my heels fast on the bike. 

Our offices are located right next door to Revival Motorcycles. We hear a lot of notes on how HELM styles hold up on bikes. The Lou’s Harrier sole and The Johnson and Ryder’s Stavos sole are frontrunners when it comes to best options for stopping on a motorcycle. The Stavos is a military paratrooper design. If you’re looking for a more classic vibe, the next best thing is a mini-lug. Adding a heel saver (a crescent moon shaped piece of industrial plastic) to the bottom of your heels is a good practice to add some longevity to your heels. We recommend staying away from a more traditional stacked leather heel. Rubber will offer more traction and stability. 


Zach's HELM Pick

"Our newest release, The Knox Black, have not left my feet. They are so easy to zip on and go that I keep them on standby next to the front door."


Have a question for Zach? Respond to this email and ask him anything and keep an eye out for your questions to be featured in future emails. 
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