Better With Age

Better With Age

We handcraft each pair of HELM to achieve beautiful patina over years and years of wear. Our latest sneaker collection remains committed to the same level of comfort, integrity, and longevity as our boots. Produced using time-honored shoe-making techniques, all HELM styles are built to last. 


Pull Up Patina

HELM pull-up leathers develop rich patina and character variance over time. Where thinner or alternative grade hides eventually break down and crack, HELM uppers maintain their form and luster with extended wear. Our hides are at least 2mm in thickness, sourced from only top grade, full-grain, cow side leather. Given proper care and conditioning, HELM leathers only get better with age.



Superior Construction

Working with family owned and operated factories means thoughtful construction and ethical manufacturing. Many sneaker designs are mass-produced, using lesser grade materials and primal production methods. Our sneakers are crafted exclusively by hand, using traditional shoe-making techniques. The interior lining of our shoes feature the same grade and type of hide as our exterior leather, meaning our footwear remains more resistant to odor. Our outsoles are composed of rubber vs. EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) for increased durability and support.


Lasting Materials

All HELM sneakers are made with high-quality rubber soles that provide years of wear, featuring a sturdy sidewall stitch construction in lieu of vulcanized alternatives. HELM leathers and suedes are simple and easy to clean, and we offer a variety of cleaning products and tools hand selected by our staff. To read a full breakdown on best products to clean and protect your HELM sneakers, check out the blog piece here.



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