Boots Are Your Travel Buddy

Boots Are Your Travel Buddy

I hit the road a fair amount and one of the benefits of a good pair of boots is the simplicity they provide when traveling. Long gone are the days of half my suitcase being filled with multiple pairs of shoes & boots. I pack my running shoes and wear the one pair of boots that’s going to be perfect for whatever the trip requires. 

Four years ago I was talking to a Bay Area CMO named Nick about joining HELM as a board member and advisor. As someone who’s constantly in and out of meetings in SF, on the road constantly, and straight into kids activities or Warriror’s games in the evenings, I knew that this would be a huge advantage for him. Last week Nick told me that now when he travels, he starts with one pair of boots and then plans his outfits for the trip based on that one pair. 

My Creative Look does a great job showing how you can pair different outfits with the same boot or how to take everyday items in your closet and put them together.  

Here’s How I’ve Approached My Travel Lately.  

The Declan Tan

For Christmas we traveled to Portland, ME to visit my brother. My Hollis Teak’s were perfect for the winters in Maine, seeing the sights (in snow) and a couple of nice dinners out.  
    The Hollis Teak


    Annual ski trip with the boys - I wore The Lou as they are super comfortable after being on the slopes all day, perfect for stopping through the snow and nice enough for Apres skiing and dinners. 

      The Lou - Courtesy of My Creative Look


      Later this month I’m headed to Louisville for meetings with The Zind as the trip is going to require something besides jeans and a t-shirt. 

        The Zind Teak

        Simplify your life and say goodbye to checking your bag. Have a couple of pairs that you can rotate depending on where you’re headed and save that space in the luggage. You never know when you’re going to find yourself in Austin, swing by the HELM store and need that room for a new pair.


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