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Comfortable Fits for Everyone

The following testimonial was written by Shelby, a HELMSMAN who found HELM through a friend who recommended us to him for hard-to-find sizes:

As a trans man, one of my favorite things during my journey has been dressing the part. I love throwing on an outfit, expressing myself, and feeling confident in who I am! A struggle I encountered during my journey was finding a fashionable boot in my size. I’d go to shoe store after shoe store looking for a stylish size 7 in men’s and come up emptyhanded. Most stores rarely carry a size 7, and I’m a grown dude! Last place I’m headed is to the kid’s section. A buddy of mine mentioned HELM Boots one day, and from that moment forward my look feels complete. To be honest, my boots are always the topic of conversation when I receive a compliment!

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The Hollis Dark Natural
Shelby with the Muller Black
The Muller Black

Being able to finally embrace the masculine style is usually the first step in any trans man’s journey. Finding clothes and shoes that bring the vision to life lays the foundation for continued confidence and self-love. People physically see you becoming the man you know yourself to be! You no longer envision but actively select and build a wardrobe that screams you!

HELM Boots have become a key statement in my outfits, and the support the brand has provided in my journey has been unparalleled. I love hearing someone say, “Nice boots, man!” and without hesitation I tell them where they need to go. So soak up the beauty and drool over that leather! Or just check them out yourself!

A Comfortable Range of Sizing

We offer standard (D) widths for sizes 6-16 and wide (EE) widths between sizes 8-13, with half-sizing available from size 7 up to 11, because we want our sizing to be as versatile and as comfortable as our styles. If you ever have a question about sizing or you're waiting on less common sizing in current inventory, please don't hesitate to reach out to us and we'll let you know if/when we expect to receive our next shipment. You can also navigate to your preferred style, color, and size, select it, and then choose “Notify Me When Available” to be among the first to know about a restock through our automated notification system. Here are some helpful resources about notifications and sizing to ensure a comfortable fit:

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