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Denver Must-See, Must-Do

We recently made our way to Denver for the first stop on the HELM Tour 2018. There are so many great reasons that people fall in love with this city, and we can definitely see why, so here's a list of just a few of our favorite things that we discovered while exploring the Mile High City.



Red Rocks

Red Rocks is on the top of the list for things to do in Denver. As a venue, it's iconic and unlike any other place to see music in the world. So when we realized Father John Misty was playing while we were in town, we immediately bought tickets. Being from out of town, we needed a way to get out to Red Rocks. A quick Google search returned the Bus To Show Shuttle Bus. A classic yellow school bus, repurposed as the party bus to Red Rocks. The Bus To Show Shuttle Bus picked up at Epic Brewing in the RINO District, where we were staying, so it was an easy choice. When the yellow school bus pulled into the parking lot, our driver Paul emerged from the bus in flip flops and Willie Nelson braids and announced the fun bus had arrived. The trip from Denver to Morrison, CO is a 30-minute drive. As you head out of the city on US-6, the view of the Colorado mountains is the perfect setting to have a couple beers with friends on the way to the show. With the windows down and music blaring, the bus ride was an experience unto itself. After a steep climb into the Red Rocks open-air amphitheater, we found our seats and prepared for an evening of Father John Misty under the Colorado sky. The sound was incredible and the natural rock setting could not have been better. It felt like a once in a lifetime experience.


The Source Hotel

The new Source Hotel + Market Hall is a great new modern hotel concept in the arts district of Denver and HELM is excited to pop up in their new retail concept Eyes Open. The open layout concept features brands such as HELM, Vinyl Me Please, Poketo, and Naked and Famous all curated by Mathieu Mudie. The new Market Hall also features restaurants, a flower shop, and an even an art gallery. We think this is going to be a huge hit with both locals and travelers alike and we are excited to be a part of such a futuristic concept.


Death & Co

We love a good cocktail bar and Death & Co is definitely not just your average bar. The decor, the bartenders, the drinks.. everything felt so natural and authentic. Right when we walked up to the bar, the bartender asked us "How are you doing?" "Fine, how about you?" we replied. He responded "Better now that all of you are here" with a welcoming smile. We all laughed and gladly took a seat at the bar. Each of us ordered a drink with gin and were delighted with three refreshingly different flavor concoctions. Each of them hand-picked by the bartender. The fun of trying each new cocktail kept us at the bar, talking and laughing for the rest of the night. Death & Co is definitely a must-do in Denver.


Chicken Rebel at Finn's Manor

They had us at Fried Chicken Sandwiches! We originally were suggested Finn's Manor by a Denver native. With ice cold Belgian pale ale in hand, we chose Chicken Rebel from the food truck options parked in the back of Finn's outdoor patio. The sandwiches were $11 a piece so we figured this must be a Texas-size sandwich in Denver and they sure did not disappoint. A huge chicken sandwich with crispy batter and avocado and pickled jalapeno slaw. It was a perfect pairing. We would gladly follow this food truck to wherever they pop up next.