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Everything You Need to Know Vol II: Soles



Shape, design, color - these are all the usual things we pay attention to when we're shopping for the perfect footwear. All of these are great, but don't forget the sole. You want to make sure the part of the boot that stands between you and the terrain you're on is the best option for comfort and durability. With so many choices out there, trust us - there's a perfect sole for you. Here are just a few...




Long time fans of HELM are very familiar with the look of the original full leather sole. Adding class and “streamlined“ fashion to any style, it allowed a boot to easily be dressed up or down.

In more recent seasons, you may also have noticed the switch over to the Fineline, and while this design looks similar if not identical in its side profile, when it comes to use and versatility it’s anything but. That pair that you wore to work on Thursday and out for the night on Friday? It’s the same one you can wear to a wedding on Saturday. 

This popular favorite consists of water resistant leather with a textured rubberpanel across the mid-section of the sole. The panel provides you with more traction while keeping the sleek and elegant profile you look for in your everyday (and every situation) style.

  • Subtle sole detailing that allows you to transition easily from outfit to outfit
  • More wear-resistant for added time between resoles





It's no coincidence that the first people to successfully reach the summit of Everest were wearing boots with a sole like this. Designed for traction across a variety of surfaces and with more resistance to wear and tear, the Harrier is a streamlined version of our previous Raptor sole, with a slightly slimmer profile. Great at resisting shocks and abrasions that would normally scuff up even the toughest sole, it’s perfect for anyone who spends long periods of time on their feet. The Harrier offers comfort and cushion to make the day more bearable and ensure you and your feet are up for whatever the night has in store.
  • Available in Black or Malt
  • Added cushion for shock-absorbing comfort
  • Slip-resistant traction for steadier footing no matter the weather
  • Thick sole that resists damage and holds up over time for fewer resoles





When you think work boots or outdoorstyles, you're probably picturing something with a mini-lug sole - a thicker rubberized design with deep indentations and a pattern made for grip. That signature textured diamond pattern is what gives the sole its name, but you may also hear it referred to as a “tire tread” design and for good reason. If you're in need of added durability, extra traction and something hardwearing and hardworking, this is a great option.

While in the past the mini-lug has been the go-to for workboots and work styles, more recently it has made it’s way into a brand new category - when paired with a modern, fashionable upper design, it can be a great option for your wardrobe, making it possible to go from the job site to that after work dinner without changing your footwear.

  • Textured tread is slip-resistant for better traction
  • Thicker rubber for durability



Keep an eye out for the next blog in the series about lasts and the best shape for your style.

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