Fashion Boots for Men: A Style Guide

Fashion Boots for Men: A Style Guide

Choose wisely, and one pair of boots can last you a lifetime.

Unlike tennis shoes, the more you wear your boots, the more rugged, comfortable and great-looking they become. That is if you the right kind and know how to style them.

Did you just invest in your first pair of fashion boots for men? If so, you might be wondering what looks best with them.

Is mixing brown with black still a fashion faux pas? Can you disguise casual boots as office wear? These are just a few of the questions you might have.

Today, we're offering a quick style guide to make sure you get the most out of your new boots. With these tips, you'll never have to wonder if you look appropriate when you go out -- because you'll know you do.

Ready to learn more? Let's step to it!

1. Styling the Chelsea

When it comes to everyday, classic fashion boots for men, you can't go wrong with a classic Chelsea cut. These boots, which hit at your ankle, are defined by an absence of laces. Instead, there's usually an elastic band on the side that allows you to pull them on.

They're designed to fit snugly to your foot and look just as great dressed down with a pair of dark jeans as they do pair with a sleek tailored suit.

Choose a pair in a deep chocolate brown, and go from the office to after-work cocktails with ease. Or, opt for a grey suede for a relaxed Saturday look that goes great with sweaters and distressed denim.

Pairing the Chelsea with Trousers

Due to their streamlined look, Chelsea boots look best with slim, clean-lined pants. If yours are more on the looser side, opt for a pair of fashion boots for men that hits a little lower and doesn't hug the ankle as tightly.

Oh, and that black with brown rule? Forget everything you ever knew about it. Nothing says polished like a sharp ebony suit and the dark brown Chelsea. Slip on a matching brown belt to complete the look.

2. Choosing the Chukka

Unlike a Chelsea boot, a Chukka has two or three eyelets strung with thin laces. These fashion boots for men are usually made of suede or leather and feature a slender, light brown leather heel.

Also known as desert boots, Chukkas are ideal for adding a bit of casual flair to almost any outfit. Pair them with a suit for a slightly dressed-down formal look, or with your favorite pair of jeans or chinos for an evening on the town.

If you're going the formal route, choose a darker pair of Chukkas with dark laces, which can pass as dress boots with the right ensemble. Otherwise, traditional tan or camel Chukkas are a great, laidback footwear option.

Want to stand out for all the right reasons? Pair your brown Chukka boots with laces just a few shades lighter. The extra touch makes them pop and livens up even the most monochromatic look.

3. Perfecting the Dress Boot

Need a pair of fashion boots for men that are ideal for any professional or formal occasion? A great pair of dress boots fits the bill.

This style will hit a little higher on your ankle than a Chelsea or Chukka, with laces all the way up. Select from either rounded or squared toe styles depending on your personal preference.

Polish these shoes regularly, and they'll serve you well forever. Pair a slick black pair with a formal suit, or a deep brown pair with pinstripes and you'll turn more than a few heads.

Looking to shake up tradition a little? Pair your dress boots with fitted chinos or khakis instead of trousers for an on-trend look that's appropriate almost everywhere.

4. Wearing the Wingtip

You can spot a great pair of wingtips a mile away -- and for good reason. Distinguished by their circular perforations and classic toe cap, these fashion boots for men exude sophistication.

Also known as brogue boots, the great thing about wingtips is they're eye-catching and elegant, but look best paired with a more casual look. That means they're the perfect choice for a morning at the farmer's market or grabbing a coffee on your commute.

Like dress boots, wingtips will hit a little higher on the ankle. To this end, roll up your jeans or cords if you're pairing them with these pants. The idea is to let the top of the boot show just below the roll.

Feeling a little daring? Slip on a pair of fashion-forward socks and roll your jeans up just a little higher to reveal their design.

5. Acing the Everyday

Want a pair of fashion boots for men that will stay in the constant closet rotation? Invest in a pair of everyday, casual boots that you can pull on in quickly to instantly elevate your style.

There's a time and place for formal footwear. Then there's every other day when you just want to look great but also feel comfortable. Casual boots allow you to achieve both, and there's no limit to how creative you can get with your choice.

From wide, brass buckles to distressed leather and contrasting laces, casual boots can be adorned with a variety of accessories.

To ace this look, consider your typical "relaxed" attire. Are you usually found in form-fitting chinos and blazers, even on your days off? If so, a pair of classic black casual boots will match that aesthetic perfectly.

Or, are you more prone to slip on a pair of well-loved jeans and a flannel shirt when you get the chance? Consider a pair of tan leather boots already adorned with that perfect "worn in" look for a choice that's effortlessly trendy.

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