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HELM in 2023

An update on HELM's loyalty program

Hitting the road

Hearing from you more

We have big plans for this year. We want to start to share them with you and invite you to join us. When we say that HELM is Footwear for Life, we mean boots, shoes, and sneakers that get better with age; we also mean we’ve made a commitment to be there alongside you, whether that’s to provide counsel on boot care, or create moments where we can all be together and get to know each other more. At HELM, we’re filling our 2023 calendar with events in and beyond Austin, TX, we’re excited to release new styles and different colorways in many of your favorites, and we’re evolving our loyalty program to better reward you. Scroll down to read more.


Here’s a refresher on what HELM tiers of loyalty look like today:

  • HELMSMEN: Our highest level of loyalty, achieved after you’ve collectively spent more than $600 with us. Once you’ve done that, you’re a HELMSMEN for life, and always the first in line for releases and exclusive discounts.
  • HELM Crew: Our first tier of the loyalty program, accessed simply by signing up for an account on our site. Any past orders associated with your email address at sign-up will be populated, and your points will be waiting for you.

If there’s one word to sum up how our loyalty program will be evolving, that word is experience. Our goal is to enhance your experience digitally and in-person, and reward engagement and participation.


When we embark on a tour across America to meet and connect with our customers, we’ll be looking to you to give us recommendations on cities to visit, people and partners to connect with, and unique experiences that we’re hoping you’ll join us on. Hopefully we can share a drink on HELM. 

In addition to the tour, we’ll be sending out more updates about new and future products, hosting Q&A sessions, and exploring more ways to bring the HELM community together. We want to hear from you, see what you’re up to, and we want you to always be up-to-date and contributing to the future of HELM.


We are looking forward to an exciting year at HELM. Thank you for staying with us on this ride.

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