How to Accurately Size at Home

How to Accurately Size at Home


Now with the ability to try HELM on at home for free, finding your perfect size just got even easier. To help you narrow it down and find the best and closest size before you use your new Try Now option, we've created a guide to measure from the comfort of your home and with supplies you have at hand.


Supplies Needed

Tape Measure
Your Largest Foot
(Yes, most folks have different size feet


  • Measure with bare feet or pull your sock tight and flush against your foot. Stand up straight. You can also place your heel against the back of a wall to keep in place.


  • While standing up straight, trace the outline of your largest foot. Trace all the way around your foot.


  • With a ruler, draw a straight line across the top of the toe and across the bottom of the heel. Draw a straight line down from the widest part of the foot, tracing on both edges of the outline. You will end up with two sets of parallel lines (length and width).


  • Measure the precise distance from top to bottom (your length) and left to right (your width). Remember, every cm matters! An ⅛ inch is the difference between half sizes.



What To Do Once You Know Your Brannock Measurements

Personal comfort and fit is extremely personal to each user. The most important aspect of fit in handcrafted footwear is whether the ball of your foot (typically the widest area) lines up properly with the shoe’s last. The right size will offer greater comfort and longevity with extended wear. 

Many HELM styles run true to size. Our made in USA styles run true to size in both D and EE widths. If purchasing one of the following styles, buy true to size:


The Railroad
The Marion
The Muller


Our styles produced in Brazil run a half size long in D and EE widths. Size down by one half size if purchasing the following styles: 


The Bradley
The Declan
The Hollis
The Lou
The Nils
The Zind
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