In The Mix With @Apartment_Bartender

In The Mix With @Apartment_Bartender

What better way to toast the arrival of boot season than to catch up with our favorite Apartment Bartender? We asked Elliott to fill us in on his favorite fall cocktail recipe and share easy tips for imbibing at home.

Keep reading for notes on how to make his Coffee Cognac Old Fashioned…which just so happens to match his favorite fall boot: The Zind Teak.

Coffee and Cognac Old Fashioned

Coffee Cognac Old Fashioned

2 oz Cognac
1/4 oz Coffee liqueur
1 barspoon Demerara syrup
2 dashes aromatic bitters
2 dashes chocolate bitters (optional)
garnish: lemon twist

Prep Steps
Combine all ingredients into a mixing glass and stir with ice. Strain the drink into a rocks glass over ice, and garnish with a lemon twist.


The Zind Teak

Q: What food pairings do you recommend to go with the Coffee Cognac Old Fashioned?

AB: The Coffee Cognac Old Fashioned pairs great with hearty fall meals like classic steak and potatoes or a ribeye and veggies. It’s also a delicious after-dinner cocktail.


Q: Since you’re a new dad, do you find yourself enjoying more caffeine with your cocktails?

AB: Being a new dad, I definitely have moments where I’m just flat out exhausted. As a fan of caffeine, I make sure not to overdo it. An occasional espresso martini makes for a nice pick-me-up, but otherwise I use caffeine in cocktails sparingly. If I’m tired, I’ll sneak away for a little nap.


Q: What made you choose The Zind Teak as your next pair of HELM?

The Zind Teak boots are such a comfortable & classy looking boot. Not to mention I’m obsessed with the color of the leather. I’m a firm believer that everyone needs a go-to brown boot, and the Zind Teak is mine this season. Having a boot to match your drink is always a plus.




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