Introducing Saturday Six

Introducing Saturday Six

Welcome to our first Saturday Six! We at HELM always find it inspiring to know what other people are listening to, watching, reading, eating, and more, so we’ll be posting six of our (and some of our friends) favorite choices every Saturday. As you know, HELM is an eclectic brand that has a full spectrum of amazing customers so be prepared for some of the same kind of inspirations - have fun!


Read: All 147 Michael Jackson Songs, Ranked From Worst to Best”

Whether you’re a fan of the King of Pop or not - who’s not though, right?! Well, at least of the genesis of his solo career, before things got “weird” as Bill Wyman puts it in this piece - you gotta check it out for the sheer amazement, the sweet memories, the simple comedy and just plain sad tragedies of it all. It’s worth it.

Listen: Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging

Audio books are always better when the author reads them (unless their voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard or a suffocating mouse which we’ve heard both.) The fact that Sebastian Junger reads this one is prime. His cadence blended with his supreme knowledge of history interwoven with personal experience of war and human instinct bring much needed awareness, especially in today’s climate. To have small “tribes” that survive us physically, mentally and spiritually are vital and with the rapid advancement of technology and what it means for society, our psychological survival is paramount. Listen to this book. We guarantee it will not only educate but will take you into realms of non-fictional thought that you haven't been in before.



Dine: ALL TIME in LA ~  2040 Hillhurst Los Angeles, CA

Our buddy Tyler Wells (yes, the boot namesake) took over the Twenty40 space in Los Feliz and is creating a diamond. You can find out more here.



Wear: The Aether Flatiron Jacket  

Stay warm in style - no bulky Puff Daddy down coats around here, unless you’re RUN DMC or 007 in the Swiss Alps..then that’s cool. This jacket has a perfectly classic fit and nothing goes better with a pair of boots than a great coat. This navy coat also comes in grey and is one of our new favorite accessories. Brad, who leads the crew at HELM (no that’s not him in the photo - he wishes) has been wearing this coat like a second skin so we’re backin’ it.



See: The Greatest Showman

It’s not hokey and it’s not just about the circus. (It’s not all totally true either but we suggest you don’t read this article before you see it. If you’re not going to see it then go ahead and click the link. It's super interesting either way.) This is a story about risking everything, following your heart no matter what and realizing what true loyalty really is. The music and dance are top notch and is just enough to balance the film as a solidly scripted performance (are we watching a stage play?) and definitely not just a musical. Hugh Jackman and Zach Efron (oh, and Zendaya) aren’t that difficult to watch either. Just sayin’. Who knew they could dance and sing like that!? #impressive Side note: Rumor has it that Joshua (HELM founder and designer) took his kids to see it and might or might not have cried a few times.



Follow: Glen E. Friedman

From punk rock to skating to rap and hip-hop, Glen’s photography is historical gold. Depending on your age you’ll either have a nostalgic trip here or a chance at discovering treasure. Ahoy Matey!

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