Meet Woody Lovell

Meet Woody Lovell



Family man, small business owner, community leader, activist and tastemaker - our new HELM series checks in with the self-care maven as he shares new discoveries and practical advice to navigate the ever-changing days and circumstances.



Part clubhouse, part apothecary, The Barbershop Club is more than a spot to go for a shave and a trim. Driving awareness and positive change, Woody's shop fosters meaningful dialogue between clients that hail from every corner of entertainment, politics, religion and culture. The LA-based barber and entrepreneur has built a brand out of elevating everyday rituals to a Zen-like art.

This is Woody’s World and it’s immaculately groomed. 




In his new podcast made up of weekly ten-minute episodes, The Barber and His Therapist's premiere installment features Woody and Psychologist Ian Howard exploring ways to cope with the global crisis from inside your home.

While we wait for even more episodes, we asked him for some extra tips on at-home revival.



Make Communication a Daily Ritual

Schedule set times to communicate with your partner, family or friends. We host two family meetings every day - one with just the adults and one with the kids. The goal is to consistently hold a space where everyone can share their feelings. 

Start each meeting by asking the same questions:

What do you feel is going well right now?
What would you like to change?
What can you do today or in this moment to feel good?



Create Small and Big Routines

It's difficult to separate the days right now - they all mesh together. Invite your household into a place of routines. Plan and do things that have a clear start and a finish. Have your kids work on projects that take time. Get the family collaborating on something everyone can look forward to that's going to be completed weeks out. 



"The path is changing every day. We need to come back to the table on a daily basis to check ourselves and to check in."

Woody Lovell



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