Off the Court With Nick Monroe

Off the Court With Nick Monroe

We recently caught up with Nick Monroe after he won his first tournament of the year last week in Miami. Nick knows sneakers. Color us flattered to receive such high praise from the pro-athlete himself a few months after his first pair of HELM Cole sneakers.

“The amount of compliments I get on these sneakers is crazy. They get noticed!”

On the court, Nick’s style is often punctuated with lively bursts of color. Off the court, Nick’s style is tailored and precise, pairing luxurious detail with well edited essentials. Here are his top 3 tips for elevating your own sneaker style #offthecourt.

Tailor to Perfection

A polished look pairs best with my HELM. The more tailored the fit, the better the whole package. When dressing up a sneaker, I’m usually working with footwear that draws the eye. Making sure my garments are well cut and crisp will highlight the shoe more. A little tailoring goes a long way, and good editing gives casual accessories an intentional edge.

Level Up Accessories

Personally, I avoid a white tube sock entirely when I’m off the court. Upgrading my sock choice is the easiest distinction between a casual and more refined sneaker look. I wear a black dress socks or make it funky with color.

Pre-Game Clean

My HELM sneakers are some of the easiest to clean. I give the sidewall a quick wipe with a clean hotel washcloth before going out. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is also great for touch ups. Quality leather is easy to dress up no matter how many months I’ve worn the shoe. My Coles stay looking sharp.


Nick Monroe is a four time ATP World Tour doubles champion with twelve ATP Challenger Tour doubles titles in his career.

He is currently ranked 74th in the world in doubles with a career high of 30.  An Analyst and Commentator for the Tennis Channel, he is based out of Austin, TX.

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