Off the Court With Nick Monroe: Summer Vacation Picks

Off the Court With Nick Monroe: Summer Vacation Picks

Four time ATP World Champion, Nick Monroe, is on the road again. We’re living vicariously through his international travels and soaking up every recommendation for our future wish lists. From Australia to Argentina, Nick’s travel schedule affords him the opportunity to sample the world’s best beaches, culture and cuisine. Keep reading to find out what’s at the top of Nick’s Must List.

For the Culture Aficionado 

Lisbon, Portugal

“Incredible beaches, friendly people, and although the country speaks Portuguese, English-only speaking tourists will find it easy to navigate the culture. Smaller and less crowded than Barcelona, Lisbon rivals the Spanish city for best food and sightseeing.”

Nick’s Must List: Praia da Adraga and Tamariz Beach

Nick’s Style Pick: ATX Cap. Nothing like a little piece of home on the road. 

For the Foodie 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Buenos Aires is home to the best restaurants for meat eaters in the world. The only downside of BA (in my book) is the restaurants don’t open until 8:30pm and I’m ready to eat at 6:30.”

Nick’s Must List: Don Julio Restaurant. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. 

Nick’s Style Pick: The Bradley Teak. This super comfortable dress shoe can be dressed up or styled casually with shorts and a no-show sock. Perfect for a romantic night out.

For the City Adventurer

Melbourne, Australia

“Melbourne has great energy. The restaurants, bars and Australian Open Tennis courts are right across the bridge from the City Center. You can enjoy a cocktail and an appetizer then stroll over and catch a match. There’s a couple somewhat locals-only beaches 15 minutes outside the city that will have you feel transported to another world after one Pina Colada.” 

Must List: Pastuso Peruvian Restaurant & St. Kilda Beach 

Nick’s Style Pick: The Charlie Black. Melbourne fashion is sophisticated and cool. The metropolitan atmosphere is the perfect arena for a polished, elevated sneaker.
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