Phil Rice Reviews His Pair: The Johnson Burgundy

Phil Rice Reviews His Pair: The Johnson Burgundy

We caught up with our friend Phil Rice (stylist, husband, father of two) to check in on how his new Johnson boots were feeling after the first few weeks of wear. A longtime fan of the Muller (he owns multiple colors and has been sporting HELM for years), we were eager for his feedback on break-in, durability, and the new "787" profile. We knew Phil would be excited about this 9-eyelet height style being added to the lineup - we didn’t know we would design the boot he’s been missing for years.


Keep reading to see what he has to say about The Johnson.



What made you decide on the Burgundy color? 

"I knew I had to have a pair when I saw the Burgundy option. The color pop is beautiful and I've always been a big fan of the combat style boot. These remind me of everything I love about the original Dr. Marten high lace boot only with a more elevated take I can wear in a business meeting (or even hiking in the woods)."


How does this boot fit into your lifestyle and what features stand out for you? 

"These shoes are a statement piece, no question. They are such a hip pair of boots (especially in burgundy). I get compliments every time I wear them. The fact that they are also incredibly comfortable and versatile makes me love them even more. I've literally worn these boots everywhere: business meetings, date nights, home renovation projects, and hiking through the snow in the mountains with my kids. They're awesome - the break-in was incredibly easy and took no time at all."



What do you do in a Johnson that you don't do in a Muller? 

"The HELM Stavos Rubber Sole on the Johnson is an absolute game changer. I'll wear my Muller all over the metropolitan landscape, but the Johnson transitions from the city to the wilderness with ease. They carry the urban style of the artist entrepreneur while still holding true to the utility of a more rugged boot." 


We know you love your Lou and Muller HELM boots. How does the new 787 last profile compare?

"The Johnson 787 last gives me a little more room than both the Lou 415 and the Muller 323 last. My Mullers wrap my foot. The Johnson wraps both my foot and ankle, which provides excellent stability."


How do the boots holding up after your walk through the snow? 

"They held up great after our most recent day-hike in the mountains. They didn't require post conditioning of any kind and were super solid through the snow while still carrying the same shine they've had from the beginning."



Got any final styling tips to share with us? 

"I love pairing Burgundy leather with black or gray jeans. With The Johnson, the more of the boot I can show off the better. This style is the kind of boot I've been missing from my wardrobe - I'm so glad to own them. My 6 year old son has already said that he can't wait to grow big enough to wear them.



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