Saturday Six 145

Saturday Six 145




Since last March we've been looking for great ways to keep kids entertained at home, and when those methods combine fun with education then we're on board. KiwiCo is a brand that offers monthly subscriptions (don't worry, you can cancel anytime) where you choose boxes based on age and what their passions are, ensuring you're getting the perfect crates. From toddlers to teens and even adults, options range from science to art to geography to early learning for the little ones. Not ready to dive into the commitment of a subscription? You can shop some of their projects individually, but when a years worth of fun is less than $17, we think that's a heck of a deal for a great distraction and hours of learning.



WATCH | The Midnight Gospel


Created by Pendleton Ward (Adventure Time) and hosted by Duncan Trussell (Funny or Die Presents and Thunderbrain), The Midnight Gospel is an animated series set to interviews between Trussells and guests like Maria Bamford, Stephen Root, Steve Little and many more. Trussells plays the voice of Clancy Gilroy who travels the universe, visits planets and interviews their inhabitants. Wild, funny and often meaningful (with conversations that touch on existentialism and spiritualism), this is a hard one to put into words. We suggest tuning in and seeing for yourself exactly what we mean.



photo by norman seeff


READ | Just Kids by Patti Smith


Whether you're a fan of Patti Smith's music or not, Just Kids is beautifully written, utterly moving and entirely engaging. An account of her friendship and relationship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, it's a story about her growth and experiences of coming to maturity in NYC in the 60s and 70s. Different than other memoirs of that era that seem to celebrate the craziness of that same life that she found herself surrounded by, Patti portrays the effects these scenes had on her and the ways she felt apart and as an outsider at times to this world. Mapplethorpe was an ever-present part of her life as she maneuvered through these moments, and as this book celebrates its 10th anniversary, we thought it was the perfect time to dive back into our copy for a familiar read we love to visit again and again.



LISTEN | Cathedral Bells - Esther


Cathedral Bells is back with a brand new album, just released this past month and fans of the dark dream-pop and airy-shoegaze rhythms that this band creates won't be disappointed. Soft guitars and hazy vocals blend with bright tempos - sounds that fans of The Cure or Joy Division all know and love. We've been putting it on while we work, while we walk, while we sleep...give it a listen and see how easily it ends up on repeat.



COOK | Damn Delicious Recipes


Started by Chungah Rhee and having grown to include a full team of creators and curators, Damn Delicious isn't a blog for cooking on special occasions. It's for your everyday meals. With options for quick and easy when you're on a time crunch, slow cooker recipes when you need to set it and walk away, amazing meal prep ideas to get your week planned and a ton more, this has been a saving grace when we've run out of ideas but still want amazing flavors. Explore their list of recipes and even search by ingredients to narrow it down even more based on what you already have in the fridge. For anyone who feels burnt out in the kitchen, this is an easy (and delicious) way to get the motivation back.




SUPPORT | Black Ambition


A non-profit initiative that focuses on ensuring Black and Latinx founders have equal access to capital for their growing businesses, The Black Ambition Prize funds ideas and opens up opportunities that are often inaccessible. Throughout the application process, entrepreneurs will have access to resources and mentorships that will help guide them towards a brighter future and one where they are recognized as the visionaries they are. With a couple weeks left for applications to be submitted, learn more about what The Black Ambition Prize strives to do and see if you qualify. You could be building the business of tomorrow starting today.



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