Saturday Six 147

Saturday Six 147


DRINK | Dichotomy 


Many coffee shops feel different these days - some sporting limited menus or limited space. Dichotomy doesn't do either. It has an expansive selection of coffee, cocktails and pastries, while being located in a large, airy building on Austin Ave in Waco, giving you more than enough room to comfortably and safely answer an email or two while you caffeinate. They also offer seasonal drinks (Eggnog Chai and a Snickerdoodle Latte or Hot Ciders and Hot Buttered Rum just to name a few), but they'll be switching over to their new spring menu on Monday. If you're in the area and want one last winter-themed drink, now is your chance. 



from the ny times article "when answering the phone exposes you to fraud" 


LISTEN | Who's Making All Those Scam Calls


We all get them - the calls about our limited warranty or our virus protection expiring or our student loan balance. Most of us know these are a scam even before we pick up (if we do pick up at all), but what about the people that don't? This article from the New York Times tells explores who is at the other end of the line. From one man who has found a way to secretly undo the damage, to the journalist who tries to track down the callers, it dives into the phone calls that are a nuisance to some and costly to many others. You can read the article here or even listen to it in podcast form through The Daily




WATCH | A Place Like This


A Place Like This is a beautiful and artfully crafted documentary short that features Alex Jenkins, the sole survivor of a WWII raid. Taking place in his garden, he gently and peacefully tells the story of a night gone terribly wrong. "If you ever experience three minutes of silence, you know how long that is," he says as he describes what occurred on the night of February 20th, 1945. This short film packs 76 years of memories into 6 minutes and leaves you in awe of a man and the experience that changed his life. 




SHOP | Rose & Fitzgerald


After relocating from California to Uganda, Courtney and Laren created Rose & Fitzgerald as a way to highlight the artisans and culture they found in their new home. All of their products use local materials, are handmade, and are crafted using inspiration taken directly from the landscape around them. Beautiful pieces that blend art with practicality, their selection ranges from jewelry to kitchenware to furniture. Another great reason to support the brand - they ensure that all artists and producers are paid above trade wages and work in an ethical and safe environment, meaning your support provides opportunities for craftsman throughout the supply chain. 




EAT | Hold Out's Happy Hour Chicken Sandwich


There are chicken sandwiches, and then there's the chicken sandwich from Hold Out Brewing. It looks simple at first glance - crispy chicken, curry bread and butter pickles, hold out sauce - but like everything else on their menu, this has been perfected in its simplicity. Basically, it's delicious. Not just that, but during their Happy Hour that runs Tuesday through Friday from 11-3, it will set you back a whole $3.98. We suggest getting a side of the Tatanka sauce to dip it in for an added kick....and some curly fries....maybe some spinach and artichoke pimento dip while you're at it. You really can't go wrong with the entire menu, but start with the chicken sandwich and you won't be disappointed. 




DECORATE | Leah Duncan Art


We discovered Leah when browsing local artists here in Austin, a city she bounces between when she isn't in Asheville, NC. Her prints made a perfect gift for a friend's housewarming, and then later for a baby shower, and then, well, for ourselves. Her art is fun and bright, adding a playful accent to any room. With art that is this universally cheerful and vivid, it makes for an easy gift (trust us on that one.) She also has fabrics available if you're more crafty, but we're happy to just keep collecting her many prints from her shop and leave the creating to Leah. 

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