Saturday Six 148

Saturday Six 148


VISIT | Fabled Bookshop & Cafe


There are your regular, everyday bookstores and then there's Fabled. Located in downtown Waco, it has a coffee shop, great gifts, and a secret wardrobe entrance into the children’s section. Countless employee picks and suggestions line the shelves, giving you a deeper look into each title, and the space itself is just visually appealing and welcoming. A perfect place to stop when you need caffeine, a new read or a curated gift for someone special.



LISTEN | Fruit Bats - The Pet Parade



If you’re looking for an upbeat album to start your day or calming melodies to wind down at the end of a long one, the Fruit Bats newest release, The Pet Parade, is exactly that. Gently building crescendos and beautiful melodies, the Chicago based band features the lulling vocals of Eric Johnson, and might be a fast favorite for fans of bands like Fleet Foxes, Vetiver or Phosphorescent. Start with the title track and you'll find yourself being quickly pulled in, with the album playing on repeat in no time. 




SHOP | Miroir M175 Mini Projector


Although new movies are being released to streaming services to make sure we don't have to wait for theaters to fully reopen, it just didn't feel the same...until we invested in a projector. With so many to choose from we wanted to make sure the one we got had clear image quality, was simple to use and wasn't bulky. The Mini Projector from Miroir checked all of those boxes. Lightweight and able to easily move from one room to another (or even out to the backyard), it's quiet and is made to pair with iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and your Apple TV. Great things do come in small packages, and this little gadget quickly proved that. 




WATCH | Save Yourselves!


How many times have we thought about turning off our devices and stepping away for some much-needed quiet? Save Yourselves! takes that idea and asks what we would do if we swore off technology...and then aliens invaded the Earth. A quirky and hilarious story that follows a Brooklyn couple on a week-long escape off the grid at exactly the wrong time, it’s comedy meets sci-fi with a whole lot of heart. Through their attempts at building a stronger relationship and their awkward admissions, you'll fall in love with Su and Jack, and by the end you'll feel connected to a movie about disconnection. 




EAT | Project Pollo


As we dive into some old Netflix favorites and new HBO finds, we're consistently on the lookout for great take-out options to enjoy while we watch. After trying Project Pollo for the first time, we can’t wait to head back to explore the menu even more. With all vegan options and incredibly friendly staff, we may have gone a little overboard with our first order, but based on how great everything was, we would do it all again. Not only are they delicious, your meal can go even further and mean so much more. They offer a "People Project" sandwich, ensuring healthy plant-based food options are accessible for everyone. This menu item gives you the option to pay what you can, and for each one purchased, they give two away. Swing by their window next time you’re in East Austin and enjoy a great meal for an even greater cause. 




READ | Art for Money: Michael Ardelean


Newly released this past week, Art for Money is a guide for any freelancer to ensure they get paid what they’re worth. Full from cover to cover with expert advice from entrepreneur Michael Ardelean, it’s a quick and invaluable read as more and more people turned to working independently in 2020 and into 2021. Outlining the basics that any self-sufficent new contractor needs, this is one you’ll want to keep on your bookshelf and reread time and time again for a profitable refresh.

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