Saturday Six 149

Saturday Six 149


FOLLOW | Chiharu Shiota


Every time we see an installation by Chiharu Shiota we are floored. An artist with breathtaking displays that will stop you in your tracks, she creates pieces that span entire rooms and are stunning to behold. Often made of string and yarn, they are sophisticated and intricate, delicate and supernatural. They need to be seen to be believed since any description here won't do them justice, so scroll through her gallery here - it won't take long for you to understand what we mean. 




LISTEN | Creatures In Your Head - Run River North


This indie-pop band recently released their album Creatures In Your Heada mix of old tracks and new songs as a great way for fans to dive back in and new listeners to quickly become admirers. Upbeat and poppy, it's full of songs about transformation and moving forward as the perfect music for heading into summer. The full record is a wide range of sound and rhythm, so they make it easy for anyone to find a favorite track no matter their music taste.




SHOP | The Sill


Something as simple as a plant in our workspace or living space can boost our happiness, productivity and, in turn, our health. For those of us living in a city, we have to work a little harder to bring the outdoors to us, but The Sill makes it easy. They give guidance on the best plant for your home, what its care routine will be, and then delivers your best match straight to your door. They also offer non-toxic and pet-friendly options for the animal lovers out there, all while finding the best plant to fit your lifestyle and your budget. With online workshops, a care library and a blog, you'll have a green thumb in no time, no matter your living space. 




READ | Dear Juno by Soyung Pak


A simple and touching story of a young boy and his grandmother and how they're able to convey their love for each other when they speak different languages, Dear Juno has become a fast favorite for bedtime reading. It illustrates how you don't need a common language to communicate, and how you can still find a place of understanding from a world away. Soyung Pak conveys this beautifully and naturally through her writing, and Susan Kathleen Hartlung helps share the message with her charming and colorful illustrations. A great book for any young reader's bookshelf, it shows us how simply caring for one another can be all you need to bridge the divide.




COOK |  Omsom


Founded by two sisters with a love of tradition of great flavor, Omsom was born after years of watching their own mother prepare meals from scratch. They send you the spices, sauces and recipes you need to make amazing and delicious dishes at home, while also allowing you to pick the protein you combine it with so it's friendly to your diet. Pulling together hard-to-find, high-quality ingredients, they do the hard work of hunting them down so you don't have to. On top of that there's no artificial flavoring or additives, plus all of their packages are vegan and gluten free to make it even easier to use them no matter your diet. Check out their samples, sets, bundles or starters, plus gift cards for the cook in your life. 




SUPPORT | Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center


The Smithsonian APAC brings together the vibrant and diverse culture and history of Asian Pacific America. As a migratory museum, it doesn't have a standalone space, instead bringing their art and history to various communities through different programs as well as in a digital space. One of our favorites is their "care package" which features poems, films, recipes, songs and more, "curated with love" and exactly what we all need a bit more of right now. You can donate here and ensure that their message and mission of spreading art, culture, and history continues to reach communities around the world. 



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