Saturday Six 152

Saturday Six 152


DRINK | Sleepyhead Coffee


We had stumbled upon this little gem in downtown Chattanooga and we're so glad we did. From the delicious coconut latte that we can't get out of our heads, to the mouth-watering pastries that are baked in-house, to the stunning and photo-worthy space that you'll find yourself surrounded by, this is a must if you ever find yourself in this Tennessee city. Want to try them out from wherever you are? They also sell their very own blends online as well as tons of great merch that sells out quickly. Check it out and you'll easily see why. 




WATCH | The Speed Cubers


We've all seen them and maybe a few of us have even solved one (ok, we haven't but maybe you have). Speed Cubers is more than a documentary about Rubik's Cubes. It follows two young friends who share a common passion and talent, Max Park and Feliks Zemdegs, as they break records and navigate the space between good friends and championship rivals. Heartwarming, tender and beautifully done, our only complaint is that it wasn't longer. 






If you already know and love Thai Fresh, then you are sure to love Gati. Started by the owner and chef at TF, this gluten free and vegan bakery and ice cream shop is a delicious and refreshing way to end a meal or cool off during a hot summer day. Between the brownie sundae with Cake Batter ice cream on top or a waffle cone with their Cookie Monster flavor, it's hard to decide which one we love more. Guess we'll just have to keep going back until we can make up our mind....




READ | Hazardous Tales


Who says comics aren't a great way to learn? Hazardous Tales is a series of graphic novels by author and artist Nathan Hale, as he channels the historical figure of the same name. From the Revolutionary War to the Underground Railroad and through World War I, he makes it digestible and even more memorable for kids (and adults) who are looking for a way to make learning about these moments in history a bit more fun. 




LISTEN | Mirror Moon - Old Sea Brigade 


With the rest of the tracks coming out on May 14th, Mirror Moon was a great way to get us excited about Old Sea Brigade's upcoming album release. When you put it on you'll understand exactly what we mean when we say it's the perfect song for driving around with the windows down. Light, upbeat and airy, it leaves us looking ahead to the future and everything it might hold...besides the release of the rest of the songs of course. 




EXPLORE | Hiking Project


As the days get longer and we're able to get out and enjoy them, the Hiking Project is here to help us find the best trails and spots to explore and take advantage of these warmer days. Well organized and featuring reviews, ratings and photos, you search by the area you're in or want to be in, before narrowing it down even further. Sort by difficulty, type of terrain or trail, elevation and even whether it's family friendly. This tool is a great companion to your next outdoor adventure. 

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